Thursday, December 9, 2010

Las Vegas!!!!

A couple weeks ago Zach had a long weekend off of work, so we loaded up the girls and headed to Vegas!!! As soon as we got there we took the girls to Mandalay Bay to Shark Reef. I have taken Brigette before, but Zach and Tera had never been. Brigette and I loved it just as much as the first time and Zach and Tera loved it also!!! Tera was a little leary at different times, could have been the huge windows that beveled out towards the water, or fish, maybe the alligator, sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and ginormous octopus?? We walked through it trying to take pictures with Zach's Nikon, finally at the very end, I snapped some with my blackberry and they turned out better!!! So we ran back and took a few more with the phones. Here are a few... Pihrana's

blurry girls

Saw Fish

Brigette in front of Ceasar's Palace and the fountains

With the Coke Bear, Tera would have nothing to do with him!!!

Blurry Tera and some Jellyfish

Duece Bigalow Fish (ok, Tiger Fish!)

Yup- I'm the only one that touched that huge sting ray!!! I'm awesome like that!!! ;)

Brigette petting the sting rays

Poor Tera's arms were a little too short!!! I thought she was going to fall in a few times!!!

The huge red octopus

It was Brigette's favorite!!!

Tera and the albino alligator

We had such a fun trip. We took the girls all over!!! Brigette loved the "Castle" (Excalibur). And she was dying to go on the roller coaster at New York, New York and to try the rides at the Stratosphere!!! She is my little dare devil, it took much talking, coaxing and convincing her that she is just a "little" too short to ride them!!! Because she is not too small!!! I think Tera's favorite thing were the mini doughnuts daddy gave ger for breakfast!!!. Brigette loved the "Eiffel Tower" and I LOVED the jacuzzi tub in our room!!! We can't wait to go back and do it again!!!! Hopefully before I get my new titanium elbow...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its about time!!!!

Its taken me forever to finally sit down and update, but here are the pictures from Halloween!!! My little Ladybug (Tera) and my beautiful Buzzlebee (Brigette) were just so stinkin cute!!!! Tera wasn't sure at first if she was up for this whole Trick-or-treat thing, but after she realized people were giving her candy, she was all for it!!! In fact, she wore the little ladybug jacket around for a week or two after Halloween (I'm sure she was hoping for more candy!!!) Here they are... my "wonderful" pictures from a great weekend of trunk-or-treat, carnivals, trick-or-treat and sugar crashes!!!!