Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natalie Dawn Butler

 I am finally sitting down to blog the arrival of my sweet litle Natalie Dawn Butler.

 When I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I went to the dr and he checked to see how my pregnancy was progressing. He checked, then announced "That is not baby's head! Get me the ultrasound machine!" The intern that was with him went and got an ultra sound machine and sure enough, our little baby was not head down! I talked with the doctor for a while about our options. There were three. 1: Have her breech (since she wasn't my first, they would let me do this. But I was strongly urged to have an epidural, which I didn't want to have.) 2: Have her c-section (this wasn't my first choice. I could have a baby normally, I knew I could! I had had 2 more already!) and last but not least 3: Try an inversion.

 At first I didn't even want to try an inversion. I googled it. It sounded painful. It sounded scary. It sounded dangerous. So I got a blessing. And in the middle of that blessing, I was about 99.9% sure that she would be born c-section. BUT... I still was willing to try all the old wives tales, call my previous doctor and ask his opinion, and also pray and hope she would turn all by herself. A couple weeks later I went back to the doctor. Dr. Izenberg checked me, no progress and still breech. After about 20 minutes worth of Q&A I decided the next week Zach and I would meet Dr. Izenberg at the hospital to try an inversion. Two days before the inversion was scheduled I called the doctor office and asked if I needed to fast. There was a possibility that if anything went wrong I would have to have an emergency C-Section right then. The receptionist told me I didn't have to.
  On December 5th we arrived at the hospital a little before 11:30am. My nurses name was Courtney. She asked me the last time I ate. "Breakfast! Doy!" Oh, well guess what?! I was supposed to fast! :/ So we had to wait. Instead of trying the inversion at noon, we had to wait until 3:30. Then Dr. Izenberg got backed up at work. Finally after 1 blood draw, 2 ultrasounds, 1 IV, a long boring afternoon, 1 shot in the shoulder and a few members of the hospital staff giving me heck for not fasting... Dr. Izenberg showed up and we got ready to start the inversion. They gave me a shot, set up the ultrasound tech, put a nurse behind my head, a nurse to try and turn the bottom of Natalie and Dr. Izenberg to try and move her head. Then I'm pretty sure the rest of the hospital came in to watch.

 Zach held my hand, I started crying, and they started turning. It didn't work, so they tried going the opposite way. It didn't work. Time was up. She was still breech. They said they would watch me for an hour and then the doctor told the nurse to give me my rogham shot. She tossed the blood. I had to have my blood drawn again. They gave me my rogham shot and we waited. Zach went to go get us something to eat since I was starving. They gave me some nasty chicken noodle soup, crackers and apple juice.

It was now 7pm. Zach's parents and Levi came to see how things were going. The nurse came in and asked how I felt. "Fine." Do my contractions hurt? "Nope." Then Levi informed me my contractions were steadily 6 minutes apart. Thanks Levi. The nurses wanted to send me home. Dr. Izenberg came back in. He wanted the nurses to check me before they let me go home. I was in labor. They gave me a shot, it would either stop my labor, or put me into FULL labor. Then they said they would send me home. Zach wasn't having that. They called Dr. Izenberg. He would be back in the morning, and we would have a baby!

  Natalie Dawn Butler was born December 6, 2012 at 5:58am. She was 7lbs 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. It was a crazy, very different delivery. But she has been so much fun to have in our family! Brigette and Tera just adore her, it's always a fight over who gets to hold her. We are completely in love with her and we are so happy to have her as our little girl!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

When They Grow Up...

The other night when I was putting the girls to bed I asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Brigette went first: She "wants to be a vet, so she can help animals." Tera went next: "I want to be a PRINCESS!!" (go figure!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Written Me Off...

I'm thinking that since I haven't blogged in forever, everyone has probably written me off! I started off this year great!! I slurped my blog into a book, and all I had left to blog was Christmas!!! Well, I guess since our awesome flood last year, nothing wants to work anymore, and I can't get the pictures off my camera. I even made Zach try. No luck!!! Anyways, I guess its been a pretty good year! Here are some exciting things that have happened! January- Tera turned 3!! (or if you ask her she is "fee"! On Tera's birthday Brigette ran the Phoenix Rock N Roll's Kids Rock Half!! Half a mile, with my dad (in cowboy boots!) She was soo cute, and I am so proud of her!!! The next day Zach, my dad and I ran the Half Marathon! It was a great run and I'm glad I got to do it! Zach, Brigette, Tera and I also hiked into some Indian Ruins south of Williams at the beginning of the month! The girls did so good and hiked the whole thing! February- We bought a "new" suburban! Then the next weekend loaded it and the Rex up and went Spring Camping with the girls by Cherry Creek! My dad and I ran the Sedona Half Marathon! (Lots of hills!!) March- Brigette rolled out of bed in the middle of the night and cracked her head open! We moved my parents back to JC, and are currently still living with them. Poor mom and dad! My dad and I ran the Run for Ryan House Half Marathon! In a raffle they had my dad won a Cardinals Package, with autographed football, jersey, and some other stuff! I won a Limited Edition Little Mermaid Painting and 4 tickets to an aquarium! (Later we found out the painting is worth a couple thousand dollars!! Cha-Ching!!) We had another camping trip with Zach's family, and we hiked 10 miles through a canyon to some more Indian Ruins! March also brought Founders Day and my first 5k!! Woot!! Sam and Ashley also visited, then we had a rush trip to Utah because Blaine had a heart attack!I'm glad to say he is doing great now!! April- We stayed for a visit in Phoenix while Zach got ready for the last of his tests for work! Ashley came one day and we visited the McCormick Railroad Park, and rode on the carousel and mini train! It was soo much fun!! My dad and I ran another half marathon in Cottonwood! The day before the race, I found out we are expecting Butler Baby number 3!! (12/15/12) May-Zach topped out as a JOURNEYMAN LINEMAN for APS!!!! YAY!!! Brigette and Tera had dentist appointments and Tera did AWESOME! This is the first time she didn't cry at the dentist!!! Brigette always does great, and has never cried or had cavaties! Brigette graduated from Preschool, now off the Kindergarten she goes!! She is sooo excited!!! My mom lost her sweet little puppy, Coco, that we all loved to a rattlesnake bite :'( We found a new puppy for my mom, Angel. Me and my dad ran the Taylor Trapper Days half marathon! June- We took a vacation to San Diego!!! We visited Sea World, Ran the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon (race #9), went to a D-Backs vs. Padres Baseball game (AZ won, 6-0), Zach took the girls to the beach, and we visited The Happiest place on Earth!!! So far that is our year!! We have had lots of fun, lots to do and and love being together as a family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aunt Macy!

On Monday Nana and Aunt Macy came over to help make applesauce!! Yay! Mitzi has the best applesauce EVER! We were all excited that they were coming! Especially Mason! He was afraid Nana had forgotten who he was, (but she didn't)! She even brought the kiddos some candy! We had so much fun making applesauce and the kids had a blast destroying the house and making Aunt Macy play with them!! After they had left I got these pictures sent to me on my phone, with a little note...

"Some peoples kids!"

Yup, I will claim those crazy kids!

(even Aunt Macy!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dorothy and Alice

Brigette as Alice in Wonderland and Tera as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz! Brigette is going through this stage where she "smiles" kind of funny! Hopefully by next Halloween she will have grown out of it!! The girls had so much fun and they were so polite and kind to everyone!! I love trick-or-treating in this little town!!

Happy Halloween!!
Alice and Dorothy!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

After our trip to the pumpkin patch, we couldn't forget to carve our pumpkins! Well, Brigette wouldn't let us forget! Zach is awesome at pumpkin carving. I wish I had pictures of some of the pumpkins he has carved! He even carved me an "Aerosmith" pumpkin one year! It is my favorite so far. Although the one Brigette drew and Zach helped her carve was pretty awesome!!

Brigette is so cute!! She LOVES to carve pumpkins and help me with whatever "craft" I am working on! She got everything ready and gathered us all together to help her carve!! I pretty much watched and took pictures of Zach and Brigette doing all the work!

Tera had lots of fun "helping"! She is such a nut!

Zach told Brigette to pretend to eat the insides of the pumpkin!

I think Tera got tired of standing there watching and spent alomst the rest of the time on the floor like this...

She was crying but I eventually got a smile out of her!

This is the face Brigette drew on her pumpkin for Zach to carve, I though it was pretty dang cute!!

Brigette even cleaned out the inside of her pumpkin! I will have to remember that, because it is my least favorite part!

Notice the wardrobe change? We went and watched some more football then carved one more pumpkin!

Tera and her pumpkin, see how cute she is when she is happy!!

Finally finished!! They turned out super cute!

I'm glad Brigette drags us away from football every now and then to spend family time together!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

I absolutely LOVE fall ! It it my favorite season! Right before Halloween Jessica and I took the kids to our local Pumpkin Patch and let them get some Pumpkins! They had so much fun picking out which pumpkins they wanted to take home!

Emmaree and Tera picking out which pumpkin they wanted!

Brigette had a tough time deciding which pumpkin was best for her! She wanted a tiny pumpkin like Hayden got!

Doesn't Emmaree look so cute in her skirt and boots?! I love it!

After everyone got their pumpkins, we decided to get all the kids together to get a picture...

Getting six kids to all look at the camera with a cute smile wasn't easy...

Pretty much impossible...

That's OK though, they all are pretty dang cute, and you can tell they had fun!

(notice Hayden's teeny, tiny, pumpkin?!)

Happy Fall from the Butler and Tubbs kids!!