Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 Already??

Today my little Brigette Grace turns 3 years old!!! I can't believe how fast time goes by. I love this little girl so much. I can't believe how blessed I am to have such a wonderful little girl. Brigette is such an awesome little girl. She is so smart and I find myself forgetting that she is only 3 and not 5!!! She can count to about 20 (some numbers getting mixed up), she knows her "ABCD's", she loves to sing songs, and help take care of her little sister. Her best friend is Mason, she loves staying with her Grammy and Papa, playing with her daddy and visiting her Pops and Nana. She also loves to go to Nursery, read "scripers" (scriptures) and say every prayer! For her birthday she got a trampoline and a tricycle, she loves to jump and pedal all over the place. It took me all morning to convince her that she is 3 now, and not 2 anymore!! On Saturday we are going to have a birthday party for her and my nephew Matthew. 

Brigette was due on Aug. 9 2006. Dr. Tindall broke my water at 8am on Sunday, July 30th. After a dose of staydol and 2 epidurals, Brigette was born that evening weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long. She was so sweet and precious and I cried when they handed her to me. There are no words to express my feelings when my sweet, precious little girl was handed to me. My favorite thing to do is take care of my little girls. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a wonderful life and family!!
Here is Brigette with my Grandma Nellie Bushman only a few days old.
This memory I hold very dear to my heart. This was the only time Zach's Grandma Jackie got to see Brigette. It was Aug. 2 and my parents drove us out to Vernon to see Grandma Jackie. This pictures is 4 generations, Grandma Jackie, Mark, Zach and Brigette.
And here is Brigette today. Aunt Gessa (aka Jessica), made Brigette lasagna for her birthday dinner and Aunt Tiffy made a birthday cake. Brigette has a nice bump and bruise on her forhead from a run-in with the front door. But she says she had a wonderful birthday. She kept telling Uncle Beau that she was the Birthday Girl and singing "Happy Birthday Briggie" to herself. Last week she had an awesome birthday party with Aunt Macy at Nana and Pops house, hopefully someone will send some of those pictures my way, it was so much fun!!! 

Happy Birthday Brigette!!!
I Love You Forever and Ever!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here It Is...

This summer Ash and I have been riding our bikes, well Ash has been riding Zach's but at least its getting some use!!! We decided at the beginning of the summer that by 4th of July weekend we wanted to ride to JackRabbit and back. What were we thinking!!! Well it really wasn't bad and probably a lot easier than our usual ride. The only thing that sucked was my camelback leaked on me the whole way back!!! Needless to say, my butt and back were soaked, and Ash's Ipod froze up on her, but it's ok, we jammed out to my MP3. So here are some pics to prove we actually did it! If you look, our bikes are under the sign!!!
Ash and the infamous "Here It Is" sign
Proof that I rode it too!!!

I've been patting my self on the back for weeks now, and its only 13 miles!!!

wow, I'm lame ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 months

Yesterday my little Tera Michelle turned 6 months old!!! Wow, where the heck did the time go? Today was her 6 month check up. She went from this little 8 lb 4 oz  newborn...
to this little gal!!! 15lbs 14oz, 26inches long. 75% for head and height and 50% for weight. (Zach said she is tall and skinny like her mommy, suckup...;))
She loves to play with her toes, go swimming, talk, suck on her hand, sit up by herself, do push ups, try to scoot, hold her own bottle, chew on anything, eat her hands, grab Brigette's kitty- Daisy, laugh, growl, take her shoes off, take her hair bows off, take one bracelet off and put it on the other hand (I have no idea how she does this) and loves to be entertained and paid attention to by anyone who will stop and play with her!!! Tera has been such a great blessing to my little family. She is such a little sweetheart!! Brigette loves to play with her and sing to her. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father loved me enough to send me this wonderful little girl!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy Dearest

Today my mommy dearest is in the valley having surgery (yuck) poor thing! I thought I would post a couple of pictures and let everyone know how much I love my mom and let you know how wonderful of a person she is!!! Every night Brigette climbs into bed with my mom and dad, they watch "Sprout" together then go to sleep. Every morning Brigette goes and climbs back in bed with my mom and they eat toast. Their favorite breakfast!!! Brigette has gotten really spoiled (almost rotten) by my dear mother. In fact when she is being naughty she always cries for my mom to save her!!! My mom has a beautiful voice, when I was little she always sang to us, like her mother sang to her, I love that!! When Brigette was born my mom wrote down her mothers songs into Brigettes baby book and Brigette sings them now to Tera. It is so sweet and it makes me cry. I love that I have such a wonderful mother. She is always buying me and my girls stuff (she even buys Zach stuff!!) she is always doing the kindest things for me and my little family she is always willing to drive me to the doctor or anywhere I need to go for that matter. We love to go to lunch together or get pedicures, go shopping and hopefully one day back to Paris! She watches my girls every morning so I can go ride my bike and has told me if I go back to school she will watch the girls for me while I do that!!!

Here is a picture of my mom rocking and singing my girls to sleep. Thanks for everything mom!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Makes me melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July...

Saturday we had a great day. We got up and got ready to head to the park!! A couple of weeks ago I picked up some tulle at walmart and made my sweet girls some cute little tutu's. Brigette insisted on wearing hers to the park. She looked so sweet!!! Unfortunately when I finally got around to taking their pictures, Tera puked on Brigette's tutu. It was all down hill from there... We had to make sure Brigette didn't puke after that. Since she was so upset, we couldn't get any pictures of Brigette!!! So sorry to upset you, but to try and make it up to you, here are some pictures of my little Tera in her cute tutu!!!

We had a great 4th of July! Brigette got a balloon sword, Zach took 2nd place for taste in the ice cream churn and we got to spend time with friends and family!!! 

*Did anyone notice the popsicles on Tera's shirt??? It goes with my post title!!! Can anyone name the movie its from?? Come on, you Know that you Know it!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Warning Labels

We got a new baby back pack at the REI yard sale. We got a great price for it. It is a smaller version of the one we have for Brigette (which we also got a killer deal on at the REI yard-sale a few years ago) Its the good kind, that you wear for hiking and fun stuff like that. I was looking through the papers that came with it, I wish I had a picture of the tag to show you. It read...

"Do Not Shake Baby More Than Necessary"

I thought it was kinda funny, in fact, it made my day! To be honest, I'm still laughing about it...

By the way, just how much is necessary???

Deer Farm Escapee

A few weeks ago (when we were still Williams residents) we were almost home when we saw this...

a baby deer.
 Brigette was in back locked up tight in her car seat and couldn't see it. 

Here is Zach with his little catch. Later I teased him that the deer had escaped from the Deer Farm and that's why it didn't run off!! He did let it go after we took a couple of pictures and its mommy was waiting right up the road for it!!!

*Notice the APS shirt, I think I need to dig a little and see how many pictures I can find where Zach is wearing these shirts, They somehow always appear in our photos!!! Just though it was kinda funny!!!! (Thanks Amy Evans for pointing that one out to me!!!)