Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally Christmas...

I know, its been way to long since I have posted on my lame and super boring blog!!! But, since Zach is gone (again...) I guess I will post Christmas, Then maybe I will post Tera's Birthday, since it is almost February.... I'm such a slacker. I was pretty excited because in December I called Qwest to get our Internet hooked up... it still isn't hooked up... It will require 1 thing. A trench dug, which requires my husband who is currently almost always MIA, to dig the trench. I'm putting my foot down and refusing to dig the trench (also, my elbow, refuses to let me dig. Which is why it will soon be replaced the beginning of March). Anyways, back to Christmas.... We had a great time!!! We got to see all of my family and all of Zach's!!! Brigette and Tera scored a new play set, complete with, slide, swings, teeter-totter, monkey bars, picnic table, sand box, two story play house, crows nest, and unlimited friends who like to come and play!!!! They also got some great gifts from Santa, grandpa's and grandma's, aunt's, uncle's and cousin's and were completely spoiled rotten.
Speaking of rotten, Tera has decided she can talk, and has become, not soo rotten anymore!!! Which is wonderful!!!! Her favorite thing to say is Uncle Beau, (I'm not too sure why). But she also loves to tell me "no" and "I be right back".
Here is Brigette looking through the telescope from the crows nest. Brigette loves that she has a playhouse, and has decided that she needs to decorate the inside. She is pretty silly like that!!!

(Tera's cute little bum)

These girls are so flippin cute and so much fun, that I keep telling Zach we need to have another one.... So far, its not happening. Most likely because someone would have to live in the playhouse, which is almost as big as our ridiculous house.

These little girls are best friends. They got matching babies for Christmas. They love to push them in the strollers, and fight over who's baby belongs to who.

I could't resist putting these little Butler grandbabies on here. They are in Pop's new camping chair. It was a fight to try to get them to all sit still and look at the camera.

They won the fight! Jack is even throwing some awesome punches in this one!!!

And my sweet Zachary Ray!!! He spoils all of us every year!!!! I am so thankful for him and the great husband and daddy he is!!!

Merry (late) Christmas!!!!
The Butler's