Monday, March 30, 2009


one good nights rest,
will trade straight across the circles under my eyes,
possibly will even throw in time with these sweet little girls...

contact me...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night Ash & Tawni watched Brigette and Tera while Zach took me out to dinner!!! It was so nice, even better, I got this super cute picture of my little Tera

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tera slept pretty good last night. She woke up at 2, 4 and 6. At 6 Zach put her in bed with us, Previously Brigette had come upstairs and crawled in bed with us. So while my girls were sleeping, I snuck a couple pictures of them.

They are so good when they are sleeping!! I thought they looked pretty cute.Tera looks like she is plugging her nose! When Brigette came upstairs she had no pajamas on, evidently she had taken them off when she woke up in the middle of the night to go "tinkle" and didn't get them back on. She also informed us that she had to think, we still aren't sure what she meant by it, we just figure it is because she was still half way asleep!!

Tonight our ward had a huge pinewood derby. Zach took 4th (?). This is his truck, Dragula.

Here he is putting it on the track to race. I honestly didn't think it would do as good as it did!! But it was pretty dang fast.

And this is Bishop Mortensen, Brandon and the Elders Quorum pres getting ready to race Zach's car again.
Overall it was pretty fun. Practically every active member in the ward was there. Brigette had a blast, and Tera got passed from one ward member to the next. Next time Zach wants us all to do a car...we'll see how that works out...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some new ones

Just a few new pics of the past few days. Here is Zach and my little Tera just chillin on the couch (probably watching Nitro Circus!!)Here is my little Tanner man, isn't he so darn cute??!! We were playing Mario Brothers on NoFriendo DS, (after going out and checkin out the tractor show)!
Here is my mommy dearest with her 2 grand girls and the bbq and auction!! I'm pretty sure Tera wasn't diggin having Briggie hold her!!

Briggie and Tera, my little "punkin princesses"!!

And Tera just chillin on her boppy with her blanket from Great Grandma Bushman.

I asked Brigette today if Tera was pretty, she said yes. I asked Brigette if she was pretty, she said:
"No, I not pretty mommy, I punkin princess!!"
So we have also been having a few issues at our house lately. I was exercising the other day, Tera was hanging out in the swing, Brigette sat on her...
A few hours before that Tera had started screaming bloody murder, I asked Brigette what happened, she replied:
"Mommy, I bited her on the finger!!"
UGH!!!! What am I going to do with this girl??!!


Sara Tagged me...This is my daddy last Thanksgiving right after they got the turkey out of the dutch oven, my mommy dearest far left, Zach's bum behind my dad, then Jessica, and that's Brads arm, pretty exciting stuff huh??
So sorry it wasn't anything more exciting!!!

Here are the rules: Go to your documents/pictures, click on the 6th file, click on the 6th picture, blog about it. Tag 6 people. I Tag....
Mommy, Tiff, Candis, Katie, Beki, & Chris.
Go crazy, knock yourselves out, Tera is crying...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wednesday morning we got to watch Zach do a little bit of work. Brigette was so excited, she loved being outside seeing her daddy up high!! Here he is getting the platform ready.

Moving the boom around

Up in the air

Brigette running to give Zach hugs!!!
This is by far my favorite picture!!! She was so excited and loves her daddy so much!!! We are so proud of Zach and the great job he does!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Friends

Everyday Brigette tells me Mason is her best friend. She also tells me that everyday she wants to play with him. She was so excited to get to play with her best friend on Monday. They are so dang sweet!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Shower Projects

Yesterday I finally started on Jessica's baby shower stuff. It is going to be an extreme pink party. Which means everything PINK!!!!! I love it!!! Kristal Mulder has been great helping me out with ideas and stuff. Anyways the invite is right in the middle, 55 all together (thanks Jen for the help) The little purses and pillows and matchboxes are prizes, they just don't have anything in them yet!!! So prizes go to the guest who comes with the most pink on!!! (if you want an invite, tell Jessica, she has the list!!!)These are some more projects I have been working on. We had a Stampin Up festival last Saturday, it was lots of fun!! These are a couple of the items you could've made (some we will be making at club next Friday, LMK if you want to come!!!)

Here is my little Briggie Monster being silly (and super cute), she is reading her Cars book, she likes to find Doc Hudson!!

And finally my little Tera, who is laying on the floor right now trying to roll over!! I actually had to pause me Turbo Jam workout to get this picture of her smiling, she is a pretty great little girl too!!!
Aren't these little girls the cutest!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Last night was pretty great too (Tera slept in her own bed, Zach didn't snore all night!!) Today has been suckin big time!!! It was going great, until Brigette decided to throw my slimfast all over me. 30 minutes of scrubbing the couch and carpet with both girls crying and it still isn't out!! I'm not sure what the heck the deal is but yesterday Brigette peed her pants twice, naughty naughty!! Then today she did it again, twice, it wasn't even 1o am!!!! UGH!!!! So anyways, I still love the little booger eater. Look how dang cute she is...

She even promised me she would be a good girl. The picture isn't too great, it was kinda hard to get all of us in it and keep Tera's head up!! Oh well!! Hopefully things get better, I won't hold my breath!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

When mom's away...

Since Tera is still sick (but doing lots better) Zach stayed home with the girls while I went to Young Women's. When I got in the car after church I noticed this on my phone...

Evidently Zach thought it would be wonderful to smear popsicle all over Tera's face then send me a picture of it. Yes he did give her a taste,and yes he is in trouble.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just a few more of my cuties.Kissie lips

Spending the day with daddy!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"up her nose"

I decided to name my post after one of the pictures on it. I'm sure you can figure out which one it is after!!! Anyways here is my little Tera, she is getting kinda chunky, weighing in at 10 pounds 4 ounces on Monday!! Here is my little Tera again, we stamped til she crashed, then I stamped some more!!!
Here is a picture Aunt Gessa (aka Aunt Jessica) sent me, isn't she so cute!!

My little Briggie!! What can I say, look at how sweet she looks in those Ray Bans!!! What a stylin little girl!!!

This is Uncle Blaine showing Logan his new cousin, I think he really liked her. Isn't Logan just the cutest little boy!! He turns 1 on Saturday, Happy Birthday cutie!!!

Tera thinks she is pretty strong. She has been holding up her head since she was born. She has also rolled over 8 times, she is only 7 weeks old!!

And my crazy, beautiful Brigette!!! She looked so gorgeous on Sunday in her new dress from Grammy. And I must say, the magnets "up her nose" only shows you how much fun she is!!!
*Good thing they didn't get stuck!!
**Special thanks to a certain little sister for taking pictures of my little girl during sacrament meeting, you know who you are!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Tera

My littlest princess is sick, she has RSV. So while I was busy taking care of Tera, Brigette did this one... She found the lotion. (I still think she is pretty dang cute!!)
Anyways on Sunday Zach blessed Tera. It was wonderful. He did such a great job. We did it in Joseph City, it was easier having everyone go there than come all the way to Williams where we have absolutely no room for anyone!!! I'm so grateful that Zach is worthy and has the authority to bless my babies. He is such a great guy, I love him and am so grateful to have him in my life.

Jackie, Marcus, Levi and Macy drove up that morning from the Valley. They had to leave right after because Marcus' little boy Jack is sick, poor guy. But we did manage to get a couple pics before they had to run.

What a crazy group of Butlers!!! I just love these guys they crack me up and we have a blast every time we are around them.

Brigette was pretty cranky the whole time, and Tera slept pretty much all day since she was getting sick. My brothers and sisters also came too, and so did Zach's Uncle Cole and Aunt Traci and their kids. Brad and Tiff had to leave right after too, Brad had a plane to catch in Albuquerque. Overall, it was a pretty fun weekend. We laughed, played a little basketball, and got no sleep!!! But it was worth it. (I can't wait til I get to live in JC again!!)