Monday, September 27, 2010


Today we canned peaches!!!! "We" meaning my mommy dearest and I!!!! Last week my mom ordered a box of peaches. We went to Walmart, picked up 2 boxes of jars, lids and rings. And this morning we canned!!!! We ended up canning 12 pints of jam and 7 quarts of pie filling!!! We did sample the goods, and oh yes, they are good!!!!
My dad and Tera even helped out some!!! My dad helped cut the peaches and Tera helped eat the peaches!!! I had to finally kick her out of the kitchen because she had eaten her fair share of them!!!! You would completely understand if you had been here for the 2 very ripe and runny diapers.... yuck!!!!
I have to say, I am soo very proud!!! I have now canned butter, beans and peaches!!! I am hoping to broaden my canning knowledge and soon try pumpkin... maybe not too soon!
I had so much fun spending the day with my mom, even though we were pretty sure our feet were never going to un-stick from the floor!!!!
I also took it upon myself to write on the lids while my mom was scrubbing the stove!!! I thought I was doing wonderfully until I was writing on the very last jar....

Whoops!!!! Maybe next time I should scrub the stove! ;)

The Dentist

Last week, I took Brigette to the dentist for her very first time!!! (I know, she is 4, and I am a slacker!!!) She was sooo awesome!!! She sat and watched cartoons while I got my teeth cleaned. Then she bravely took her seat and let Sister Palmer (who happens to be Bishop Palmer's wife, and one of Brigette's primary teachers) clean her teeth!!!!
I couldn't believe how great she was!!!! She sat there and was so good!!! She did everything Vicki asked her and only cried just for a minute at the very end!!!!
She had NO cavities and was so good that she got a new toothbrush with Disney Princesses on it, plus new toothpaste and 2 toys!!!!
I'm so proud of this little girl!!! She is such a great kid!!! I just am not sure anyone could have a better little girl!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a CrAzY Week it was....

I have been wanting to post but have been to lazy to upload my pictures!!! So I will just tell what a crazy week we had!!! On the 28 we went to Show Low for a surprise party f0r Zach's mom. It was her 50th!!! We had known about it for a couple of months, so after Zach got off work we headed up to Linden for a great night with Zach's family!!!
The following Tuesday my mom, the girls and I headed to Phoenix. I had an appointment with Dr. Beth Purdy for my elbow. After some strength tests (which were very disappointing), some cracking of the elbow, and some x-rays, Dr. Purdy and I talked for a while and things look pretty good!!! As of now I am keeping my elbow, but do have to go back the end of November to have some more x-rays. We have to keep an eye on it, making sure it really isn't dying.
After the appointment we headed to Tucson to stay the night at Sam and Ashley's. We actually ended up staying 2 nights, but we had so much fun shopping, hanging out, working on the family history and eating Ashley's yummy cooking!!! Thursday morning we headed out and didn't get home until after 4 o'clock!!! We did have a little detour to stop and have lunch with Aunt Nanny (aka Diana) and Brittney at On the Border!!! Mmmm....
Friday I had an interview with the High School Principal, who used to be my HS government teacher, for a job to sub!!! I have to say I ROCKED that interview and will now be subbing part time, OK, I'm sure it did help a lot that he knows me!!! ;) I also ended up making 35 HS reunion invites for my friend that day!!
On Saturday, bright and early we loaded the girls up after some last minute card making, and headed to Prescott for a baptism. It was one of the most wonderful baptisms I have been to in a long time!!! The spirit was wonderful and I was very happy that we got to be there with Kohl and his family!!! We did a little shopping, had lunch at headed back to JC!!! We had to make a couple stops and didn't get home until after 8!!!!
Sunday morning we got up early again and headed out to Vernon to spend the day with Zach's family out in the woods. We had soo much fun visiting, riding the dirt bike, golfing and batting!!! Although all the swinging did leave quite a sore elbow!!! We headed home, got there around 8 and went to bed!!!!
Sorry, this is pretty long, but like I said, it was a crazy week!!! Tomorrow I am heading to Flagstaff with Jessica. She has some doctor appointments that will take all day loooong!!!! So we get to spend a sisters day together!!! Hopefully with a camping trip this weekend, my week next week wont be as busy!!! :D