Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Lost Levi...

Yesterday we went to Phoenix. Zach took off work early and we hit the road so we could get to the airport by 5:20. Around 5 Macy text me and told me Levi's flight had been delayed. I was wondering if it was because this flew into town... Air Force One is huge, we drove up the back of the airport so we stopped and Zach stood on top of the Tahoe and got some pictures, it was pretty cool. Well Levi finally got there at around 7. I was pretty excited, he is such a fun guy, I was getting pretty tired of waiting. He flew in with 2 other missionaries, their families were there too, so it was a big Mormon Missionary Party at terminal 3!!!
(Sorry the pictures are blurry, I am really blind and my new contacts don't help any!!)
This is Levi and his Elder buddies walking in. Of course they waited until the very last to come out!!! Gosh hadn't we waited long enough!!;)

I'm sure Levi was pretty excited for this to be the first thing he saw when he walked in! Sean Holladay-L, Marcus-E, Daniel Allen-V, and Mitch Blair-I. Mitch told us he would keep us updated with how long it takes to get the permanent marker off of his stomach!! (I bet nobody did that for these guys when they all came home from their missions!!)

Brigette had been so excited to go to the airport and see Uncle Levi. She even colored him a valentine, and carried it around for 3 days. Well the picture says it all, she freaked. Earlier she kept trying to give Uncle Marcus the valentine. I think she was pretty confused.. Those three boys look an awful lot alike. Plus she was very tired and cranky. Then cried when we left the airport asking me where Uncle Levi and Nana and Pops went!!!

Tera was more loving to Levi. She even stayed awake to meet him!! And she didn't cry or throw-up on him!!! Doesn't he look so sweet holding her!!!

Mitzi got the first hug!! I could tell she was pretty excited to finally see him after 2 years and 2 days!!!! I just about cried right here seeing her little boy giving her hugs!!!

The 3 brothers. Of course they can't take a serious picture!! And they wasted no time at all picking on Levi!! If your wondering Levi is eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, he asked Jackie for that and a couple other things...

This is him digging in, holding Tera in one arm and breaking out the doughnuts with the other hand. I'm glad he enjoyed, I hope he eats all of them himself!! Maybe Jackie can bring some for me this weekend!!!

These are the three missionaries. Elder Curleyhair, Elder ???, and Elder Butler. I guess Levi actually was a companion to one of these guys in the MTC, pretty cool.

And finally, this is a picture of Levi a couple months before he left, he is holding Brigette!! Well just wanted to say we love you Levi, and we are so dang proud of you!!! Come visit us and play with your favorite nieces!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm It...again...

1. How long did you date before you got married? Let's see, we started dating April 11, 2004 and got married December 18, 2004.

2. How long have you been married? Just over 4 years

3. What does he do that surprises you? Loves me, I really am not sure anyone else could love me as much as he does.

4. What is his best feature? His eyes, or maybe his smile, his laugh is pretty cute too, do I only get to pick one??

5. What is his best quality? He has allot, he definitely keeps me laughing, that and when I have a rough day all he has to do is put his arms around me and hold me and it just makes things better. Plus he is always, always doing stuff for me, always buying me something, cooking for me, or taking the babies for me so I can have some alone time!

6. Does he have a nickname for you? Not really, calls me babe allot, but that's really not a nickname.

7. What is his favorite color? Pink, OK, not really its blue.

8. What is his favorite animal? He said an Elk, he doesn't know why, I would guess because he likes to hunt them, and they taste pretty good.

9. What is his favorite food? Seafood probably, he could eat Papadeaux's and Red Lobster out of business. I have watched him and Jake more than once compete at all you can eat shrimp!!!

10. What is his favorite sport? Wrestling, he loves it!! In fact this weekend he wants to go watch HS state wrestling, that and UFC.

11. When and where did you first kiss? April 11, 2004, I know, I know...

12. Favorite thing to do as a couple? Pretty much just being together, I love doing anything with him, but I think my favorite thing to do would be riding in the car, we just hold hands and talk. Its kinda nice.

13. Do you have any children? 2 gorgeous girls, Brigette Grace and Tera Michelle

14. Does he have a hidden talent? I'm not sure I can share that. Unhidden, he is an awesome artist, it kinda ticks me off sometimes, he has had people ask him to draw them tattoos!!

15. How old is he? 26

16. Who said 'I love you' first? Zach did, we had been dating for a week. He told me he loved me, I said "What!! You do?" To which he replied "Well yeah I think so."

17. What is his favorite music? AC/DC is his favorite band. But he listens to EVERYTHING!!! Sometimes it surprises me the songs he knows, he could totally go on that Lyrics show on TV.

18. Do you think he will read this? Nope, he never reads my blogs (he thinks its kinda stupid)

*So, I was asking Zach questions to answer this post. Which most of his answers weren't appropriate for public reading, but if you know Zach at all, it really won't surprise you. Yeah, I know, he can get kinda dirty!!! But it does keep me laughing, and helps lighten my mood allot!! Maybe that's one reason why I love him so much!!
**After wrote this I asked him if he wanted to read it, he said no. So I saved it and left it on the screen and went to bed. He came upstairs a little while later laughing. He said I lied, he really isn't that good to me, he read it, I told him he really is great to me, I wasn't lying.
***Also Danielle wanted to know about me proposing to Zach. I guess I was really tired of waiting around on him. He was so back and forth, we would talk about it all the time. So I just straight out asked, he looked completely shocked, then said no. I was mortified, and extremely embarrassed. I cried. A week later he was standing in my parents front yard asking my dad if he could marry me. Zach said he had to ask permission first. (And he says that he didn't say no to me). I guess he had it all planned out to ask me, but wanted to ask my dad first, I had never seen Zach so nervous. I guess that I just needed to be a little more patient. When he did ask (September 27, the day after his birthday) I cried, and he cried too. I just love him too much!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm It

Ashley tagged my mom, and through my e-mail my mommy dearest tagged me. So here are 25 things about me:

1. My favorite color used to be blue, but now I can't decide between blue, red, and pink??!!

2. I love to sew, but am really horrible at it!

3. I asked Zach to marry me, he said no:(

4. I would love to go back to Paris, just as a tourist this time!!

5. I wanted to name Tera, Shannyn Olivia, but then her initials would have been S.O.B., I figured that's not very nice to do to a little girl!!

6. When I was little Jessica and I would fight all the time. I think because she is 4 years older than me and I wanted to tag along with her and Pam all the time. But now we are great friends and never fight!

7. I love to bake sweet things, mostly cookies, brownies, stuff like that. Zach hates it, he says it makes him fat. His little sister even said she hated it because she loves to eat them but knows how fattening my treats are!!

8. Speaking of Zach's little sister, I really miss going out to lunch with her. When we lived in Phoenix we would try to get together a couple times a month to catch up and hang out for a little while, we would always meet half-way at Miracle Mile, I miss that place too, yummy!!!

9. I am so dang EXCITED for February 17th!!! (Butlers know why!) Levi is coming home!! I have missed that crazy kid, and I can't wait to see him and let him meet Tera, and see how BIG Brigette has gotten!!

10. And, speaking of Levi, I think it would be great if him and Ashley dated and got married!!(hint, hint)

11. I love Ashley, she is definitely one of my very best friends. She is six years younger than me, but I love hanging out with her!!! I am going to be very sad if she decides not to go back to NAU next year:(

12. The space in years between me and Ash is the same amount of years between Zach and his littlest sister Macy, only there are no kids between me and Ash and there are 3 kids between Zach and Macy!! (No Ash wasn't an oops!!)

13. I met Zach on a blind date, I wasn't on a date with him though!!

14. Zach said he loved me after dating for a week, my reply was "What! You do??" (not too smooth)

15. I love to hold my babies, I could sit and hold them and kiss them all day long, and do nothing else!!!

16. I don't think I talk in my sleep. But Zach does. The first thing I ever heard him say in his sleep was "I hope Marcus remembered to put the batteries in the trampoline." I was very confused since batteries don't go in a trampoline and Marcus was in Ecuador. So when I asked him what he was talking about he got super mad at me a replied "Just forget it, you don't understand!" He doesn't remember any of it!!

17. My favorite band is Aerosmith, I have been to see them in concert 4 times?? Don't ask me to pick a favorite song, OK its Pink!!

18. I love to eat breakfast foods for dinner. In fact tonight we are having Breakfast Burritos!! I'm so excited!!

19. I miss my parents. I love that we live so much closer now, but I still miss them a ton when I don't get to see them as much as I want to.

20. I have 8 nephews, no nieces yet (until April!!) But I love all of those boys and would keep them if anyone gave them to me. When Austin was little I went out to California a couple times to watch Austin for Brad while he was at work. There was a lady at the shop that sews the badges on the Marines uniforms that told Brad and I that our little boy was adorable. I was in the 8th grade.

21. Every time Zach has to be gone at night I sleep with my phone, keys and a gun, (and usually Brigette) just in case.

22. Friday night I went to a passion party, if you don't know what it is and don't want to be embarrassed, don't ask. (But it was extremely funny.)

23. I would rather buy stuff for Brigette and Tera than myself, its just way more fun to buy the cute little girl things!!

24. I am dying to go snowboarding!!! It is one of my favorite things to do with Zach, just the two of us, but anyone who wants to come is more than welcome. I should warn you, I am pretty bad. Zach even bought me shorts that go under my pants that have padding on them because the first time we went I actually bruised my butt cheek!! He has since then also bought me a helmet.

25. I love being married to my best friend. My cousin asked me one day how I knew I was going to marry Zach, I told her the truth, I just knew, and I always had since I met him. He is a pretty great guy!!!

Now I am going to tag Ash, since I didn't get to see hers, Jessica cause she needs to post and Beki Westover, Tiana Hunt and Sara Sweetheart!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SpOiLeD RoTtEn!!!

I have to admit that I am spoiled!! By my parents and my wonderful husband!! For my birthday my parents bought me these awesome Justin boots. I love them, they are so comfortable and cute!! For a push present (a present from my hubby for pushin out that beautiful baby girl) he bought me this awesome Fossil watch. Its kinetic, so it winds itself with the movement of my wrist!! (the picture doesn't do it justice!!)

My mom bought Jessica and I these awesomely cute diaper bags!!! They are huge, have our little girls names embroidered on them, and are just adorable! In December for my birthday I got a Kirby Vacuum from my parents too!!! I can vacuum all day!!! I love it, it pushes so easy, picks up everything and came with all the awesome attachments!!

(I had to add in this picture of Brigette being pretty dang cute, she really is a tomboy princess!! She was calling her long lost buddy Mason on the phone!)

Those are only a few of the more recent spoilings I have received. My parents also bought an ocean container to help us out with our storage. Zach also comes home every night after workin hard all day and helps me out. Right now he is in Brigette's room with her playing games!! (He also made me dinner!!) I just can't thank the Lord enough for such a wonderful husband, and such awesome parents!!! Love you guys too much!!

Hangin out

The other morning I caught Zach cuddling with my girls on the couch, they are so sweet!!
These little girls are my dads favorite granddaughters!!!

My dad is even smiling in this one, I absolutely love it!!

I think my little girls have everyone wrapped around their little fingers. And Brigette loves being at Grammy and Papa's she asks for them everyday!!

I love how close my girls are to my mom and dad, and I am happy that we are close enough that Brigette and Tera get to see them all the time!!