Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just wanted everyone to see the cutest girls ever!!!
Emmaree, Brigette and Tera
yes, Brigette's smile is a little crazy!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I just counted...

Tera, my little go-getter, has decided that she needs to walk!!! So far the most I have counted is 7 steps... until today!!! She took 18 steps!!! Yay for Tera!!! She just turned 10 months on the 14th!!!
What a genius!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr. Butler

Brigette is now taking appointments. All ages, no insurance needed!!!Aunt Gessa was kind enough to be Brigette's first patient.
Brigette looked in Aunt Gessa's throat.

She gave her a shot, in the neck, don't worry, it isn't painful!

She listened to her heartbeat. She also listened to her tummy, we were beginning to wonder if Jessica was expecting?!
(she isn't)

She also checked out her ears.
Aunt Gessa is doing great, no swine flu!!!
Contact me for appointments!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Pictures

A couple weekends ago we went to Show Low and stayed the night with Zach's family. Jackie and Macy were there and were awesome enough to take a ton of pictures of the girls for me. Here are just a few that Jackie just e-mailed me!!! Tera hanging onto my fingers

Playing with the leaves

This picture totally doesn't even look like Tera!!! Zach was tossing the girls in the air for pictures!!

I LOVE the look on Tera's face in this one!!! Scared or loving it?? Not sure!!!

Brigette being tossed in the air!!!

And this is Tera today. She is so proud of herself!!! Every time she stands up, Brigette makes me clap for her. So this is pretty much how she has spent her day today, crawling around then standing up and clapping for herself!! Pretty dang cute!!! Also she has cut another tooth!!! That makes three on bottom and two on top!!

So cute!!
Hopefully now I will get the pictures Macy took!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Bo Peep & Her Sheep

Happy Halloween!!! We had a great day!!! We started it out with Zach and I going to the Snowflake Temple with the Youth to do baptisms. We then went back to Show Low and picked up the girls from Zachs parents house. Brigette LOVED Halloween and Tera could care less. She hated her costume because she couldn't see when she crawled, her ears would fall over her eyes!!! Both of my girls looked adorable!!! Here they are getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating!!

Here is Brigette and Tera with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley aka Jacob and Matthew. First we hit up the carnival in town!! Then Jessica's kids, Tiff and her boys, and the girls and me went out on the town. After about 2 houses Tera had had enough and was ready for home. She spent pretty much the rest of the night with Zach at home. We had such a fun time and Brigette already has every ones costumes picked out for next year!!! We will see if she remembers!!!

Tera also decided that Halloween would be the perfect day to:
cut 2 teeth
take 2 steps, twice
learn how to stand up in the middle of a room all by herself!!!
She is so proud of herself!!!

Just a few more pics!!!

Little Bo Peep and Batman!!!
Sorry this is the only picture of Jessica's kids that I got!! Hayden was the ultimate Steelers fan, Tanner was a Steelers football player, Emmaree was a princess and Mason was obviously Batman!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Counting Calories

Yes, another Brigette story!!

When we were in Flag on Wednesday, I was telling Jessica how much I LOVE V8 Splash Berry Blend. I also informed her that it only has 70 calories. Later when I ran into a store and Jessica stayed in the car with the kiddos, Jessica overheard Brigette telling Mason about her juice...

"Look, it only has 3 calories!!"

Dang she hears everything!!!