Thursday, December 9, 2010

Las Vegas!!!!

A couple weeks ago Zach had a long weekend off of work, so we loaded up the girls and headed to Vegas!!! As soon as we got there we took the girls to Mandalay Bay to Shark Reef. I have taken Brigette before, but Zach and Tera had never been. Brigette and I loved it just as much as the first time and Zach and Tera loved it also!!! Tera was a little leary at different times, could have been the huge windows that beveled out towards the water, or fish, maybe the alligator, sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and ginormous octopus?? We walked through it trying to take pictures with Zach's Nikon, finally at the very end, I snapped some with my blackberry and they turned out better!!! So we ran back and took a few more with the phones. Here are a few... Pihrana's

blurry girls

Saw Fish

Brigette in front of Ceasar's Palace and the fountains

With the Coke Bear, Tera would have nothing to do with him!!!

Blurry Tera and some Jellyfish

Duece Bigalow Fish (ok, Tiger Fish!)

Yup- I'm the only one that touched that huge sting ray!!! I'm awesome like that!!! ;)

Brigette petting the sting rays

Poor Tera's arms were a little too short!!! I thought she was going to fall in a few times!!!

The huge red octopus

It was Brigette's favorite!!!

Tera and the albino alligator

We had such a fun trip. We took the girls all over!!! Brigette loved the "Castle" (Excalibur). And she was dying to go on the roller coaster at New York, New York and to try the rides at the Stratosphere!!! She is my little dare devil, it took much talking, coaxing and convincing her that she is just a "little" too short to ride them!!! Because she is not too small!!! I think Tera's favorite thing were the mini doughnuts daddy gave ger for breakfast!!!. Brigette loved the "Eiffel Tower" and I LOVED the jacuzzi tub in our room!!! We can't wait to go back and do it again!!!! Hopefully before I get my new titanium elbow...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its about time!!!!

Its taken me forever to finally sit down and update, but here are the pictures from Halloween!!! My little Ladybug (Tera) and my beautiful Buzzlebee (Brigette) were just so stinkin cute!!!! Tera wasn't sure at first if she was up for this whole Trick-or-treat thing, but after she realized people were giving her candy, she was all for it!!! In fact, she wore the little ladybug jacket around for a week or two after Halloween (I'm sure she was hoping for more candy!!!) Here they are... my "wonderful" pictures from a great weekend of trunk-or-treat, carnivals, trick-or-treat and sugar crashes!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Dad Ever!!!!

I just couldn't pass up the chance to tell everyone it my dad's birthday!!!! He is such a great guy!!!! And the BEST dad any girl could ever have (or boy!!!). He really is the best and I love him soo much!!! I love living so close to him and my mom!!! Its sooo nice to watch my little girls get super excited to see their Papa!!!! This picture is from Wednesday. I went out and rounded up the horses for him and then we took Buddy over to Bishop Palmer's!!! But really, how cute is he!!!! I just love this man!!!!Also, I decided to show you how much Tera has been loving to dress herself. She also will allow NO help from anyone!!!! It gets quite frustrating!!!!
Just so you know, we don't let her go out like this....

Now I have to go, because Tera is making people cry......again :(

Friday, October 15, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering.....

Yes, I'm still alive!!!
No I haven't figured out how to post a blog from my phone, I'm still trying though...
It's getting closer to the Holidays, which means more time spent working on Holiday projects. Which also means less time paying attention to Tera.... UH-OH!!!! Yup, she is into EVERYTHING!!!!! And she is rotten, right down to the core.... Zach says he thinks she got the worst of both of us, sorry to say, I think he might be right. We still LOVE her to pieces, but I am pretty sure the next hurricane will be named after her. Since I can't find my pictures of Tera, terrorizing the house, ok, neighborhood.... alright, the TOWN, you will just have to wait for another day. (I always take pictures with my phone, and I hate putting them on blogger for the fact that they are soooo small.) But I will show you soon...
Whats new with us is pretty much nothing. Well, we did get the girls a puppy. A little blue Queensland Heeler. Brigette (with a little help from Aunt Gessa or was it Aunt Ash???) named him Rex. Tera loves to squeeze him around the neck, poor guy.
Zach has been working in Holbrook!!!! It has been so nice!!!! Home everyday by 3!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!! He even got to go work in Bellemont last week when the tornado's went through!!!! Then it was off to Phoenix for Rodeo practice and tomorrow is the National Lineman's Rodeo in Kansas City!!!! He says there are sooo many lineman there he is kind of intimidated!!!! When he gets home he will most likely be working in Payson until the end of the year... poor me, no more husband home every night :(

I'm devastated....

Of course I can't forget to tell you about Brigette!!!! She is a pretty great little girl!!! I think Heavenly Father must love me for sending her to me!!! She can write her whole name, all by herself!!!! She loves to help, she plays with Rex and Pickles everyday, and helps me take care of Tera. We have lots of fun together, and I love spending my days with her!!!!

That's about it!!!!

Now quite bugging me about blogging!!!!!!! (ashley)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today we canned peaches!!!! "We" meaning my mommy dearest and I!!!! Last week my mom ordered a box of peaches. We went to Walmart, picked up 2 boxes of jars, lids and rings. And this morning we canned!!!! We ended up canning 12 pints of jam and 7 quarts of pie filling!!! We did sample the goods, and oh yes, they are good!!!!
My dad and Tera even helped out some!!! My dad helped cut the peaches and Tera helped eat the peaches!!! I had to finally kick her out of the kitchen because she had eaten her fair share of them!!!! You would completely understand if you had been here for the 2 very ripe and runny diapers.... yuck!!!!
I have to say, I am soo very proud!!! I have now canned butter, beans and peaches!!! I am hoping to broaden my canning knowledge and soon try pumpkin... maybe not too soon!
I had so much fun spending the day with my mom, even though we were pretty sure our feet were never going to un-stick from the floor!!!!
I also took it upon myself to write on the lids while my mom was scrubbing the stove!!! I thought I was doing wonderfully until I was writing on the very last jar....

Whoops!!!! Maybe next time I should scrub the stove! ;)

The Dentist

Last week, I took Brigette to the dentist for her very first time!!! (I know, she is 4, and I am a slacker!!!) She was sooo awesome!!! She sat and watched cartoons while I got my teeth cleaned. Then she bravely took her seat and let Sister Palmer (who happens to be Bishop Palmer's wife, and one of Brigette's primary teachers) clean her teeth!!!!
I couldn't believe how great she was!!!! She sat there and was so good!!! She did everything Vicki asked her and only cried just for a minute at the very end!!!!
She had NO cavities and was so good that she got a new toothbrush with Disney Princesses on it, plus new toothpaste and 2 toys!!!!
I'm so proud of this little girl!!! She is such a great kid!!! I just am not sure anyone could have a better little girl!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a CrAzY Week it was....

I have been wanting to post but have been to lazy to upload my pictures!!! So I will just tell what a crazy week we had!!! On the 28 we went to Show Low for a surprise party f0r Zach's mom. It was her 50th!!! We had known about it for a couple of months, so after Zach got off work we headed up to Linden for a great night with Zach's family!!!
The following Tuesday my mom, the girls and I headed to Phoenix. I had an appointment with Dr. Beth Purdy for my elbow. After some strength tests (which were very disappointing), some cracking of the elbow, and some x-rays, Dr. Purdy and I talked for a while and things look pretty good!!! As of now I am keeping my elbow, but do have to go back the end of November to have some more x-rays. We have to keep an eye on it, making sure it really isn't dying.
After the appointment we headed to Tucson to stay the night at Sam and Ashley's. We actually ended up staying 2 nights, but we had so much fun shopping, hanging out, working on the family history and eating Ashley's yummy cooking!!! Thursday morning we headed out and didn't get home until after 4 o'clock!!! We did have a little detour to stop and have lunch with Aunt Nanny (aka Diana) and Brittney at On the Border!!! Mmmm....
Friday I had an interview with the High School Principal, who used to be my HS government teacher, for a job to sub!!! I have to say I ROCKED that interview and will now be subbing part time, OK, I'm sure it did help a lot that he knows me!!! ;) I also ended up making 35 HS reunion invites for my friend that day!!
On Saturday, bright and early we loaded the girls up after some last minute card making, and headed to Prescott for a baptism. It was one of the most wonderful baptisms I have been to in a long time!!! The spirit was wonderful and I was very happy that we got to be there with Kohl and his family!!! We did a little shopping, had lunch at headed back to JC!!! We had to make a couple stops and didn't get home until after 8!!!!
Sunday morning we got up early again and headed out to Vernon to spend the day with Zach's family out in the woods. We had soo much fun visiting, riding the dirt bike, golfing and batting!!! Although all the swinging did leave quite a sore elbow!!! We headed home, got there around 8 and went to bed!!!!
Sorry, this is pretty long, but like I said, it was a crazy week!!! Tomorrow I am heading to Flagstaff with Jessica. She has some doctor appointments that will take all day loooong!!!! So we get to spend a sisters day together!!! Hopefully with a camping trip this weekend, my week next week wont be as busy!!! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New "Do"

On Monday Brigette got her first "real" haircut! She has had her hair trimmed before but not ever really cut! It was starting to look pretty scraggly!!! So, I took her to the best beautician ever- my mom!!! Brigette was so excited!!! My mom worked her magic and here is my super cute Brigette with her adorable new hair-do, that she absolutely LOVES!!!!
Thanks mom!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Picture Time!!!!

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine took family pictures for us!!! She is so awesome, and I absolutely love how our pictures turned out! Unfortunately, blogger is not letting me upload any more of the pictures!!! So, I may have to show the pictures in more than 1 post! You can also scroll down and check out the 3 pictures at the bottom of my blog!!! So for your viewing pleasure...
Brigette Grace & Tera Michelle

Thanks a ton Kristal!!! You are awesome!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm so glad...

...when Ashree comes home!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Besties :D

Yesterday we went to Winslow. Mom, me, Brigette, Tera, Jessica, Mason and Emmy. I got to sit by Tera and Emmy. They are best friends, they love each other and they like to hold hands... Just look at how cute those girls are!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I decided to go on a road trip to visit Aunt Ash and Uncle Sam!!! I hadn't been to Tucson in about 7 years, so I was kind of nervous about heading all the way down there with just me and the girls. But we loaded up the Tahoe and hit the road!!! We stayed for 2 nights and we had sooo much fun!!! We did a little shopping, went to the movies and saw Despicable Me. Tera cried and screamed through almost all of it!!! What I did see was very cute and funny!!!! We also did some swimming, went to the pet store and ate some yummy food!!!Here is Tera checking out some puppies at the pet store! She absolutely loved them, and I can't wait to get the girls a dog of their own!!!

Brigette and Tera had a super fun time in the swimming pool at Uncle Sam and Aunt Ashley's apartment. We only got to go swimming once because it decided to be smarmy and rainy the rest of the time we were there!!! That's okay though, since as soon as we got home they got to do another session of swim lessons!!! Tera is convinced she can swim now!!!! Yikes!!!

After floating around the pool in her purple hippo, Tera decided to get out, check out the deck, try out some lawn chairs, fall in the hot tub and stompity stomp some ants!!!! She was pretty funny to watch!!!!

When it was time to go home I was surprised that Sam wasn't jumping with joy!!! After all, there was some milk spilled, messes made and a movie ticket stub dropped in one of his guitars... whoops!!!! I am happy though that they did say we could come back and visit again!!! I told Ash I would for sure come in November when the 1st half of the 7th Harry Potter comes out!!! We are planning on going to the midnight premiere*!!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly wait!!!!

*maybe I will wear a cape and take my wand..... ;D