Friday, July 9, 2010

Branding Time!

Last Monday we did what we usually do every Memorial Day weekend. We branded cows!!! We drug the girls out of bed, Tera still in her pajama-lama-ding-dongs, and off we went!!!!Tera soon decided she was in charge of handing Uncle Brad the ear tags, and took her job very seriously!!! New tradition- barefooted... Notice her shoes sitting next to her, she refused to put them on her feet until we were done branding!!!

Here is my super cute daddy, he is the boss- the man in charge!!!!

Brigette remembered branding from years before. She informed us that it stinks and sat here for the branding...
Tera on the other hand LOVED it!!! Here she is with an ear tag.

She would refuse to give it to me until I showed her I was going to put the tag on it. Then would take it back as fast as she could.

Here are some of the crazy kiddos- we should've branded them... ;)

Jacob, Matthew, Michael and Brigette, and Joseph's feet.

We had one last steer to brand... Poor guy got it the old fashioned way, which was fun for the little kids to see. I must say it was a first for me to see anyone gagging over the branding (Zach).

We had a great time!!! I love my family our traditions and everything about this little farm!!!

Can't wait til next year!!!

p.s. I have some super cute pictures of my dad and Tera petting our newest calf, hopefully blogger will decide to download them soon!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

God Bless America!!!

Last Saturday we celebrated Independence Day!!! The Tubbs boys, and Emmaree, were going to be in the bike parade, that meant Brigette had to be in it also!!! So last minute we found something to decorate her bike with, put her tutu on her and went to the parade!!! Here is Mason zooming past Hansen's garage!
Here she is!!! My friend said her little girl saw Brigette and started yelling "Mommy, look at that princess on her bike!" She really is a princess!!! They were riding so fast I barely got any pictures!!!

For some reason, I have rotated and rotated this picture and it still refuses to post right, so here is Brigette on her "decorated" bike.

I tried to snap a couple pictures of the girls before we left. Tera was too interested in other things.

Brigette loves to pose though!!!

We had a great day!!! Brigette played on the water slide at the park for hours!!! Tera crashed before we got home, and I had fun chatting with friends!!! I love my country and am sooo proud to be an American!!!!
Happy 4th of July!!!