Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picnic time!

Lunch time finally!
Just being pretty dang cute!

So after being extremely sick, Zach decided he wanted to take me on the rex on a picnic. Well he told me we where going to just go down Perkinsville road have a picnic and come home. So I thought we would be gone maybe an hour!! Pretty much the only reason I went was because Brigette kept asking "coming mommy?" Well after an extremely long ride we finally got where Zach wanted to go. We went all the way to the verde river! Almost 15 minutes from Jerome!! We ended up being gone for almost 4 hours!!! Well the medicine I have been having to take makes me burn even more easily in the sun! So I ended up with a horrible headache and an awesome sunburn!! And Brigette cried half the way home because she lost her sunglasses, and nilla wafers, good times...

Playing in Joe Town!

Logan tryin to whistle!
Brigette discovered she had these shoes and has worn them everywhere since she found them!
I'm not sure if Mason was hiding from the rain or Brigette!
Brigette being grumpy at Masons!
Brigette comforting Mason, although I think she is the reason he is crying!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I lost ten pounds!!!

So I have been pretty sick for a week (ok 2!) So I felt pretty cruddy on Wednesday so Zach took me to the walk in clinic in Williams. Well they told me they would give me an IV than send me home, ok. Well after a little while the dr comes back, and tells me I am a little worse than they thought. So they loaded me in an ambulance and sent me to Flagstaff. So after running blood tests and everything they tell me my potassium and sodium is really low, and that I am in danger of having a stroke or siezures, plus I have a viral infestion. Well they pump me full of potassium, give me morphine for my headache, and make me stay the night. Six bags of potassium, 8 loritabs, 2 doses of antibiotics, and an ultrasound later I finally get to go home!! I get home and the next day feel the just as bad!! Zach my knight in shining armor calls Dr. Tindall in Show Low, I have to go there. So Dr. Tindall cracks me back into place, gives me antiobiotics for a sinus infection, a rx to drain my sinuses and sends me home. And today (saturday) I finally am feeling more like myself. Although I still have to go back to Dr. Tindall next Friday. Oh and baby Rex is just fine! ;) (01/19/09)

Hawaii 2008

Here we are at Pali Point! It was really windy but the view was really cool!
Here is Brigette being Brigette at the Cheesecake Factory!
Look how cute my baby is! We HAD to bring that baby doll all the way to Hawaii with us!
Wore out in Waikiki!