Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year my super awesome friend took pictures of my girls for a Valentines project we did. They turned out so cute, that I had to post them!!! Tera wasn't too thrilled with having her picture taken, but after a little while she loosened up and we got a few cute ones!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite girls!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Light Bulb!!!

My boredom has gotten the best of me, I am actually sitting down to blog. I should be doing the billion other things I have planned for this week.... But I'm not.

Zach is gone, agan... This week he is in Phoenix, Casa Grande and then on to a rodeo in California!!!! Yeehaw!!!

Today, we watched our little Emmaree, took Valentine's pictures, (courtesy of my awesome friend, Kristal Mulder!!!), Brigette had preschool, tomorrow we have more preschool plus dance, the rest of the week we are playing Stampin Up, putting in to go hunting, Brigette has tumbling and I have mutual... Nothing to exciting, hopefully, enough to keep us from going crazy while we wait for next weekend to roll around, and Zach to make it home.... hopefully.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Tera"ble 2's!!!

This year Tera turned 2!!! She is getting soo big, WAY too fast!!! I tease and say she is "Terrible", but she is so sweet!!! She loves to give tight squeezes and kisses. Loves to be rocked and LOVES to take care of her babies!!! When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said "CUPCAKES!" So with a little help from Brigette, we made her cupcakes!!!! She was sooo excited!!!!
She loved opening presents!!! A new My Little Pony, Rainbow Dancer, from Uncle Blaine, Aunt Amy and cousin Logan!!!

A dress up outfit!!!!

Complete with purse, wand, necklace, shoes, skirt, ring... (am I forgetting anything??)
Brigette loved helping Tera open her presents!!! That's what big sisters are for, right?!

She got a doll for Christmas, and for her birthday she got a snowboarding outfit for her doll!!!

Tera is so cute and sweet!!! She is getting sillier every day. She loves to do whatever Brigette is doing!!! She loves to help. She is great at cleaning up. She sings all the time. She will give you hugs and kisses. She has been going on the potty like a big girl!!!! She loves to eat the cherries out of my drinks from Sonic. And she is making everyday fun just by being herself!!!!
We love our little Tera!!!!