Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aunt Macy!

On Monday Nana and Aunt Macy came over to help make applesauce!! Yay! Mitzi has the best applesauce EVER! We were all excited that they were coming! Especially Mason! He was afraid Nana had forgotten who he was, (but she didn't)! She even brought the kiddos some candy! We had so much fun making applesauce and the kids had a blast destroying the house and making Aunt Macy play with them!! After they had left I got these pictures sent to me on my phone, with a little note...

"Some peoples kids!"

Yup, I will claim those crazy kids!

(even Aunt Macy!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dorothy and Alice

Brigette as Alice in Wonderland and Tera as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz! Brigette is going through this stage where she "smiles" kind of funny! Hopefully by next Halloween she will have grown out of it!! The girls had so much fun and they were so polite and kind to everyone!! I love trick-or-treating in this little town!!

Happy Halloween!!
Alice and Dorothy!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

After our trip to the pumpkin patch, we couldn't forget to carve our pumpkins! Well, Brigette wouldn't let us forget! Zach is awesome at pumpkin carving. I wish I had pictures of some of the pumpkins he has carved! He even carved me an "Aerosmith" pumpkin one year! It is my favorite so far. Although the one Brigette drew and Zach helped her carve was pretty awesome!!

Brigette is so cute!! She LOVES to carve pumpkins and help me with whatever "craft" I am working on! She got everything ready and gathered us all together to help her carve!! I pretty much watched and took pictures of Zach and Brigette doing all the work!

Tera had lots of fun "helping"! She is such a nut!

Zach told Brigette to pretend to eat the insides of the pumpkin!

I think Tera got tired of standing there watching and spent alomst the rest of the time on the floor like this...

She was crying but I eventually got a smile out of her!

This is the face Brigette drew on her pumpkin for Zach to carve, I though it was pretty dang cute!!

Brigette even cleaned out the inside of her pumpkin! I will have to remember that, because it is my least favorite part!

Notice the wardrobe change? We went and watched some more football then carved one more pumpkin!

Tera and her pumpkin, see how cute she is when she is happy!!

Finally finished!! They turned out super cute!

I'm glad Brigette drags us away from football every now and then to spend family time together!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

I absolutely LOVE fall ! It it my favorite season! Right before Halloween Jessica and I took the kids to our local Pumpkin Patch and let them get some Pumpkins! They had so much fun picking out which pumpkins they wanted to take home!

Emmaree and Tera picking out which pumpkin they wanted!

Brigette had a tough time deciding which pumpkin was best for her! She wanted a tiny pumpkin like Hayden got!

Doesn't Emmaree look so cute in her skirt and boots?! I love it!

After everyone got their pumpkins, we decided to get all the kids together to get a picture...

Getting six kids to all look at the camera with a cute smile wasn't easy...

Pretty much impossible...

That's OK though, they all are pretty dang cute, and you can tell they had fun!

(notice Hayden's teeny, tiny, pumpkin?!)

Happy Fall from the Butler and Tubbs kids!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Austin Bradley

So, there is this nephew of mine, that if his dad and mom would give him up, I would take him! He is probably the best kid I know! Well, Last Saturday, he had a very severe asthma attack. And ended up in the ICU in critical condition. I should post the whole story, but I am pretty darn sure that there is no way I can type it out without drowning my keyboard in tears and ruining my water damaged computer even further. Since I am not an awesome Blogger like my sisters (and all the rest of you out there) check out my big sister, Jessica's blog, and for a little more info, check out my little sister, Ashley's blog. If you want a real tear jerker, head on over to my side bar and click on the link that says Danny and Alicia. Read her blog entitled "Benefit".

It has been probably the longest week of my life! Austin is a fighter. Tiffany (his Stepmom) said the dr said it was the worst case of asthma he had ever seen. I have held his hand, watched him try to tell my mom he loved her.

I also watched my two little girls go into a scary hospital room, give handmade, all by themselves cards to Jennifer, hold Austin's hand and tell him that they "love him more than he love's basketball!" I also saw the tears come out of his eye's when they told him that.

I have to say out of all that has happened, my testimony has grown. I would've never thought that one awesome boy, would bring a whole town to their knees. Austin did. Austin has helped everyone's testimony and faith grow. This town has sported gray shirts for Austin for Asthma Awareness. Kids have missed sports luncheons because they were fasting for Austin. Facebook pages have been made to pray for Austin, tons of posts have been posted on Facebook for people praying for Austin and supporting him. Texts messages have been sent, phone calls have been made. Conversations have been overheard at High School Volleyball games in the town of our "Rivals" saying they were praying for that Bushman boy!

I am proud to be that Bushman boys Aunt. I love him like he was my own little boy. I guess he isn't very little anymore (15 years old,6 foot 1). I am greatful that I get to be a part of his life. Because by me knowing him, it makes me want to be a better person!

So, if I need to drive to Flagstaff 3 plus times a week to stand in a little hospital room and rub his big feet, hold his big hands, and tell him how much I love him, I'm going to do it. And I will keep on doing it until he can come home to all the people that love him! Including me, because, like I said, I would take that boy as my own anyday!

I love you Austin Bradley! Keep on Fighting!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bad Luck

The other day I decided that I was going to post some more pictures of the demolition going on in my house!! But guess what?! My camera has decided that it no longer wants to work!! I took it camping with us last weekend and that's when it decided to give up the ghost:( I didn't even get any good camping pictures! Maybe one of these days I can get something to work out right!! I guess it didn't like sitting in a puddle of water along with all the other appliances in my house, go figure. At least we got the pictures that were on it sent to the Insurance Company!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day

On August 3rd, Brigette started preschool in Holbrook! She is in Mrs. Ceccarelli's class, and she absolutely LOVES it!!! Tera and I took her for her first day and Tera bawled because she wanted to stay and play with Briggie!!! Tera has gotten over it, but still follows me around during the day asking for Briggie or for me to play with her!! I'm pretty sure she needs a friend to keep her entertained!!! As for Brigette, she comes home and tells me what she learned and who she played with, usually her playmates are just described to me because she can't remember their names! She is so cute!

P.S. Mrs. Ceccarelli is pronounceed "Chick-a-rell-ey" Just in case you were wondering!

Monday, August 22, 2011

When it rains...

it floods... OK, actually, when you go on vacation for a week and the line to your dishwasher breaks it floods your whole teeny tiny house. Then you get to come home on Friday to a swimming pool :/