Friday, January 29, 2010

Let it Snow

Tera discovered yesterday that...SHE LOVES SNOW!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthdays, Hugs and Messes

As you know my little Tera turned 1!!! Yay!!! She thinks she is soo big!!! Little does she know, she is actually pretty little!!! Here is she attacking Emmaree... poor Emmaree!!!
Here she is showing off her piggy tails with Brigette being crazy in the back!!!
Since Tera LOVES to climb, we have to watch her a little more closely now. Brigette decided she was done with her mac n cheese so Tera climbed on up and finished off Brigette's plate!!!

Tera Loves stories too. We got her a little book for her birthday with the lift the flaps. She loves these!!! Evidentally she only loves Brigette's because she tore the flaps out of hers!!!

Here is Tera's birthday cake. It was chocolate, with chocolate frosting. Zach decorated it (its a princess crown, same cake pan I used when Brigette turned one!)

This is Tera and her baby doll she got for her birthday from Nana and Pops.

And here she is opening her present from the Tubbs, a toy phone!!!
I do have some pictures of her eating her cake and she got awesome presents from Aunt Amy and Uncle Blaine and Logan, also some super cute clothes made by Aunt Traci (Mills), (check her out on my side bar, Marcus and Traci, she is super talented!!!) Anyways, thanks so much, Tera LOVES all her presents!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Today, my little Tera Michelle turns 1!! I just can't believe it and I'm not ready at all for either of my girls to grow up so darn fast!!! She came into our lives weighing 8lbs 4 ozs, and is now a crazy little 1 year old that loves to climb, bite, eat, play and laugh!!! She has had us all wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers since before she got here, and our lives are soo much better because she is part of our forever family!!! I cannot express my love for this little girl. She is so much fun to be around. I love being her mommy and absolutely LOVE being a part of her life every day!!!
Tera absolutely adores her daddy and big sister. She follows them both around begging for attention!!! She loves to have Zach read to her and will pester him all night for a book to be read again and again.

She also loves to be with Brigette and will try to do anything Brigette does, which sometimes isn't a very good thing!!! Brigette loves Tera too though and is very patient and loving with her. Brigette loves to play and watch out for her little sister.

Tera is growing up so fast!! She has been walking for probably a good 2 months!!! She can wave bye-bye, loves to give out kisses. Can sign "more" and "please." Loves to look at books, cuddle her baby dolls, and climb on everything!!!

We love Tera soooo much and we are so happy she chose to come to our family!!!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part Vampire/ Part Monkey??

The older Tera gets, the crazier she becomes!!! I told a friend yesterday that I feel like I am raising a child that is Part Vampire/Part Monkey!!! She totally cracks us up all the time and keeps me on my toes!!! A couple weeks ago we went to my awesome friend Kristal's house. I was actually trying to help her get ready to move in!! When I went to check on Tera, I found her somewhat like this... When I got there she was actually holding on with one hand and leaning as far back as she could, 8 second style...
(I'm pretty sure Emmaree was afraid she was going to fall on her!)
Beside teaching herself how to climb on the chairs then up onto the tables, or up the ladder to the bunk beds, or up the drawers or stairs, one of her other favorite things to do is bite, yes, bite. I think she is just getting back at Brigette for all the "wonderful" things Brigette does to her!!! Yesterday Brigette was crying that Tera bit her, sure enough, she did...

She also likes to bite my toes if I have no shoes on and am sitting on the couch!!
Just for the record, Brigette just came and told my mom to come look at Tera...
she was on top of the kitchen island drinking out of my moms cup...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Lately Brigette has been obsessed with being a "cowgirl". She wears her boots EVERYDAY! Is always telling me she needs to go help Papa on the farm, and loves to sing "Cowgirl don't cry." So of course she was in Heaven when Zach took her out to pet the horses! I'm pretty sure Tera loved it too, and will want to be a cowgirl just like her big sister!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jesus wants me...

evidently to go CraZy!! OK- not really, he really wants me... to teach Sunbeams...
I know!!! I have done it before, but this time its different! You see not only are there 10 KIDS!!! But two of them are my nephews...
and one of them my Brigette.
That's right...
She LOVES Sunbeams, and is so excited to go every Sunday. My mom showed her the Sunbeam background and insisted that I put it on my blog. Last Sunday was her 1st Sunday as a Sunbeam, I should've taken a picture!!! I will this week, anyways...
overall their 1st Sunday went alright... I thought, only a few of them cried, and only 1 completely freaked out. Zach came in to help during sharing time. He told me if they ever put him in Jr. primary he was going to become inactive!! Brigette was really good, she only cried at the very end, she didn't get to finish coloring her picture. Ashley came in with Tera while Brigette was crying. I informed Ash why she was crying. She felt sad for her, until one of the little boys informed us:
"Look, I hardly even colored mine and I'm not crying!"
please pray for me... ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

CraZy GiRls!

OK OK OK!!! I know, the picture is sideways!!! Anyways, I am just to flippin lazy to go back and redo it!!! One of these days I will plug in my camera and upload pictures of Tera's first Christmas!!! But for now, you can all enjoy the craziness I get to live with everyday!!! Here is Brigette, she IS a Princess!!! And Tera, she HATES having her hair fixed!!!
So we laugh all the time about it!
I can't believe how many times a day I have to fix this girls hair because she pulls it out ALL THE TIME!!!

Brigette again, what can I say... She is a NUT!!!
(yes that is an empty icecream bucket she is sitting in)

Tera has decided she is big enough to run with the bigger kids. She has also decided she is big enough to jump on the mini tramp!!!
Another thing she thinks she is big enough for...
popcorn, and helping herself to it!!!

(with messy hair!!)

So much fun!!!