Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm so crushed!!!

Friday the 12th, Zach decided we would go snowboarding for Valentines Day!!! I was sooo excited!!!! We got ready, dropped off the girls at Nana and Pops and headed to Sunrise!!!I wasn't feeling to great but I wasn't going to let an upset stomach ruin our day!!! Our second run down the mountain I crashed, which isn't unusual for me, but this time it hurt!!!! Zach rode up, I told him I was OK and that I could shake it off, well I couldn't, I couldn't even move it!!! Zach took off my board and carried everything the mere 100 yards to the lodge, while I carried my arm. Well he took me to his cousins chiropractic office where Chris x-rayed it and confirmed it was broken. Chris then sent us to the Blue Ridge Walk-In clinic to have it casted. Well after 2 shots of pain killer and 4 more x-rays, the good doctor informed me he was sending me to an orthopedic surgeon!!! I told Zach I thought he was pulling my leg!!! Zach said he thinks doctors don't do that very much!!! After another doctor visit, more x-rays and a ct scan, I now know I HAVE to have surgery, its just a matter of if they can pin it back together, or if I get a new elbow!!! Monday, hopefully, I find out whats happening!!! This is a picture of me elbow last night. Tera was sooo excited I didn't have a huge splint and sling on anymore!!! She even helped Zach rub lotion on my arm!!! Then she started crying when Zach started wrapping it back up!!! There is a pretty awesome dent where my elbow should be, I think it kind of grossed Zach out!!! Well anyways, hopefully in a couple months I can be typing with both hands, change Tera's diapers, bathe and dress myself, open lids, take care of my own kids and myself and not have to hear my parents fight over changing the poopy diaper instead of putting my hair in a pony tail!!! Thanks Dad, Mom, Brigette, Tera, Mark, Mitzi, Jessica, Tiffany, Alicia, Cat, Levi, Macy, Jackie, Diana, Gina, Aunt Janet and everyone else I forgot, for all your help!!! And of course, thanks Zach, I love you (Mr. Mom!!) xoxxo!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

She's so tough!!!

Lately I have been bustin my butt to Jillian Michael's workouts. I have also been making Zach try them!!! Brigette has also decided that she can do them. Check out her form for push ups!!!
Cock your head to the side and check out Brigette's weights, aka: water bottles!!! She is so darn cute!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I hope its not broken

Last night Tera clunked out on the front steps. Poor thing, I came home to a happy baby with a bloody nose and blood on my carpet.The pictures aren't the best but she has a little bruise on the bridge of her nose, and it is a little swollen.
This morning it still had blood coming out of it, but from both nostrils, not just the left one. Well she got really tired of me trying to wipe it, so I took a picture instead!!!
My poor baby!!!