Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're movin on the north side

Guess what!!! We moved!!! I know what your thinking, again!!!! Well this time, there was really no packing involved, just a tractor, a semi, some jacks and a few other crazy things!!! My dad came a couple weeks ago with the tractor to get our little acre ready, here he is with Brigette, she was really a big help!! On Wednesday morning, Zach got a phone call, could we be ready to go by noon the next day?? Heck yes we could!!!! So Zach took off work, kicked me and the girls out and got to work jacking it up and getting the tires on!!! When they showed up, he was ready!!!
Well our house didn't fit under the overpass for the freeway!!! So they had to go down to the next exit back three more then finally get off on 64!!! Zach met them out there and now we are in the process of getting it hooked up. We are still at my parents since Zach still has a lot of work to do. Also I wont have the Internet or *gasp* a phone for a little while, but we are working on it!!! I'll try and keep ya'll updated on how its progressing. But as for today, I'm headed to Show Low to see my awesome in laws and look at trampolines for Brigette for her birthday!!!!


Alicia said...

How EXCITING!!!!!!!!! It looks great!

Allen and Terri said...

Can't wait to see it! so excited for all of you!
Living in the woods in a lit' log house aaahhhhh:)watch out for the "Three Bears, Goldilocks".
luv ya'!!

Jessica said...

Thats so fun! I'm excited to come check it out!

(So is the trampoline where we will sleep when we come to visit!?)