Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy Dearest

Today my mommy dearest is in the valley having surgery (yuck) poor thing! I thought I would post a couple of pictures and let everyone know how much I love my mom and let you know how wonderful of a person she is!!! Every night Brigette climbs into bed with my mom and dad, they watch "Sprout" together then go to sleep. Every morning Brigette goes and climbs back in bed with my mom and they eat toast. Their favorite breakfast!!! Brigette has gotten really spoiled (almost rotten) by my dear mother. In fact when she is being naughty she always cries for my mom to save her!!! My mom has a beautiful voice, when I was little she always sang to us, like her mother sang to her, I love that!! When Brigette was born my mom wrote down her mothers songs into Brigettes baby book and Brigette sings them now to Tera. It is so sweet and it makes me cry. I love that I have such a wonderful mother. She is always buying me and my girls stuff (she even buys Zach stuff!!) she is always doing the kindest things for me and my little family she is always willing to drive me to the doctor or anywhere I need to go for that matter. We love to go to lunch together or get pedicures, go shopping and hopefully one day back to Paris! She watches my girls every morning so I can go ride my bike and has told me if I go back to school she will watch the girls for me while I do that!!!

Here is a picture of my mom rocking and singing my girls to sleep. Thanks for everything mom!!


3watkins said...

I love your mom too!

Chance & Sarah said...

Oh, I totally remember your mom when I would come see you at Diana's. She was so sweet. Cute pic with your kids.

Alicia said...

That is a great picture!!

I hope the surgery goes okay. Keep us updated!

Jessica said...

Thats so sweet! Where would we be without mom... we really do have the sweetest mom ever! I need to get you to bring the book over with the songs in it so I can write them down too- I can't remember them all!

Allen and Terri said...

I love what you wrote it's sooooo sweeeet!!!