Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monkey Bars & Slides

We have been so darn busy lately it seems like all we do is run around, ride in the car and wedding stuff!!!! My girls have been so wonderful!!! Brigette has been so excited for summer to get here so she can go to the library, eat at the cafeteria, go to swim lessons and play at the playground!!! So last Monday night I took them to go play. Tera's favorite part were the slides. She loves to stand at the top of them until she starts sliding, then proceeds to fall on her butt, whack her head and then shoots off the end. Every time she would go down a slide she would do this, and laugh that super sweet belly laugh!!! I LOVED it!!!! And so did she!!!

Yes the pictures are blurry. I would have to make sure Tera got up to the slide safely, started down, run to the end and try to snap a picture with my phone, then catch her before she flew off the end!
Her favorite one, notice its taller than Zach...
Screaming with delight!

Brigette seems to amaze me more everyday. She is sooo sweet, an awesome helper, my best little friend and we have so much fun together. She tells me everyday over and over, "Mommy, I love you!" I love her too!!! I wasn't really paying to much attention to her when we got to the playground since I was a little nervous about monkey Tera. Brigette kept talking to me about the monkey bars. I just kind of nodded my head and kept watching Tera. When all of a sudden I realized Brigette was crossing the monkey bars ALL BY HERSELF!!!!! Holy cow!!!! She isn't even 4 yet!!! I was sooo impressed that I had to snap a few pictures of her doing it!!! She even did the little ones that are on chains and swing when you hang on them!!!! She is so awesome!!!!

We had so much fun that we went again Wednesday night. I love my little girls soooo much!!! They make everyday wonderful!!!

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