Monday, July 5, 2010

God Bless America!!!

Last Saturday we celebrated Independence Day!!! The Tubbs boys, and Emmaree, were going to be in the bike parade, that meant Brigette had to be in it also!!! So last minute we found something to decorate her bike with, put her tutu on her and went to the parade!!! Here is Mason zooming past Hansen's garage!
Here she is!!! My friend said her little girl saw Brigette and started yelling "Mommy, look at that princess on her bike!" She really is a princess!!! They were riding so fast I barely got any pictures!!!

For some reason, I have rotated and rotated this picture and it still refuses to post right, so here is Brigette on her "decorated" bike.

I tried to snap a couple pictures of the girls before we left. Tera was too interested in other things.

Brigette loves to pose though!!!

We had a great day!!! Brigette played on the water slide at the park for hours!!! Tera crashed before we got home, and I had fun chatting with friends!!! I love my country and am sooo proud to be an American!!!!
Happy 4th of July!!!


Venessa said...

Your girls where super cute in those tutus I thought they were so adorable!!

Ashley Lois said...

brigette is such a nut! and her bike looked so cute! ps, i think she has to be pretty talented to ride a bike with a huge tutu on. just saying. that takes skill.

Jessica said...

I love how Brigette is being all cute for the camera and Tera could care less...she is just thirsty!

Oh! and I love your new header! Super cute!