Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ooh~la~la Darling!!!!

On July 30th my Brigette Grace turned 4 years old!!!! I just can't believe that my little 8lb 8oz baby girl is 4!!!!
For months Brigette has been telling my that she wanted a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party. So I looked all over the Internet and finally found a few things that would work! This cake pan is from her 1st birthday, its a Princess Crown, it fit perfect for Fancy Nancy, so we used it!!! This is pretty much the first cake I have ever decorated, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out!!! While I was curling Briggie's hair we kept hearing thunder. I could tell she was getting a little nervous, so I suggested she ask Heavenly Father to let it not rain until after her party!!! She did, and Heavenly Father kept the rain until the party was over!!!

This was right when people were showing up!!! Hayden and Tanner had been playing in the water, they were soaking wet and freezing but still wore their top hats and bow ties!!! Brigette was so excited!!! I should've got a close up of her in her tutu, gloves, pink feather boa, crown, wand and jewels!!! Everybody looked so cute and I am pretty sure they had lots of fun too!!!

We had a couple more people show up, but I never had a chance to get more pictures!!!
(L-R; Emmaree, Mason, Laci, Elly, Tera, Tanner, and Hayden, Brigette is in back)

My dad was even sweet enough to wear a bowtie!!!

Brigette opening presents!!
I didn't get a picture of her blowing out the candles, it was pretty windy and she blew them out as soon as they were all lit!!! We got her another trampoline since her last one flew away!!! She also got a pillow pet, work books, a microphone, t-shirts and paint and lots of other fun stuff!!!!
Happy Birthday Brigette!!!!
We love you!!!


Ashley Lois said...

everyone looks so fancy! especially dad:)

Blake and Jordan said...

what a fun party! Good job on the cake lady! I did my first one too this summer! Something about making your kids own cake just makes you feel so acomplished! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Happy Birthday Brigette!

Jessica said...

I love how "fancy" Brigette looked! She is just too dang cute! And how awesome is dad!? What a guy!

Jessica said...

oh. and by the by...I do actually care and I love your new background!

Natalie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE This girl!!!!! I love her party idea and everyone looked so stinking cute!! I want a Fancy Nancy party!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Nats we can totally do a Fancy Nancy party for you this December!!! It would be marvelous!!!!