Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day

On August 3rd, Brigette started preschool in Holbrook! She is in Mrs. Ceccarelli's class, and she absolutely LOVES it!!! Tera and I took her for her first day and Tera bawled because she wanted to stay and play with Briggie!!! Tera has gotten over it, but still follows me around during the day asking for Briggie or for me to play with her!! I'm pretty sure she needs a friend to keep her entertained!!! As for Brigette, she comes home and tells me what she learned and who she played with, usually her playmates are just described to me because she can't remember their names! She is so cute!

P.S. Mrs. Ceccarelli is pronounceed "Chick-a-rell-ey" Just in case you were wondering!


Ashley Lois said...

I can't believe she is in school already! What the heck?

kyle * krystin said...

How cute! She looks so grown up. So glad she likes her school :)

Kacey Halbison said...

i love love love it. the whole describing of the friends because the cant remember their name. too cute. you can bring tera over to play with benjamin anytime. he would love to have a cute little thing like her to play with.