Monday, November 14, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

After our trip to the pumpkin patch, we couldn't forget to carve our pumpkins! Well, Brigette wouldn't let us forget! Zach is awesome at pumpkin carving. I wish I had pictures of some of the pumpkins he has carved! He even carved me an "Aerosmith" pumpkin one year! It is my favorite so far. Although the one Brigette drew and Zach helped her carve was pretty awesome!!

Brigette is so cute!! She LOVES to carve pumpkins and help me with whatever "craft" I am working on! She got everything ready and gathered us all together to help her carve!! I pretty much watched and took pictures of Zach and Brigette doing all the work!

Tera had lots of fun "helping"! She is such a nut!

Zach told Brigette to pretend to eat the insides of the pumpkin!

I think Tera got tired of standing there watching and spent alomst the rest of the time on the floor like this...

She was crying but I eventually got a smile out of her!

This is the face Brigette drew on her pumpkin for Zach to carve, I though it was pretty dang cute!!

Brigette even cleaned out the inside of her pumpkin! I will have to remember that, because it is my least favorite part!

Notice the wardrobe change? We went and watched some more football then carved one more pumpkin!

Tera and her pumpkin, see how cute she is when she is happy!!

Finally finished!! They turned out super cute!

I'm glad Brigette drags us away from football every now and then to spend family time together!!

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Ashley Lois said...

Fun! We didn't even do anything festive for halloween. We are kinda lame. Maybe we'll be cooler when we have kids.