Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Dad!

I had to put this picture of my dad on here with his new horse that Blaine got him. I just love it! This is how I remember him when I was little, always on the horses! For a while now he has been saying that he wanted a new horse that he could rope off of, and Blaine totally surprised us when he gave him Doc. I love my dad so much, he is the best man ever. All my life he has taught me the importance of hard work. He is always giving of his time to those who need his help. Besides being an awesome father he is the firechief, in the bishopric, runs the farm, is the operations manager at Cholla, and is always busy!!! What an awesome man, I am so proud that he is my father!!!!!


Chance & Sarah said...

Hey, I had no idea that you had a blog. Thanks for the comment. So, when are you due? Hope everything is going well, you guys look great. Love the family pics.

Chance & Sarah said...

That is so exciting, another girl. So, when are you coming to the valley. You need to tell me so we can go to dinner or something.

Allen and Terri Bushman said...

Your so sweet, love that you love your dad so much!! But then who couldn't love a man like him. Mom:)