Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing New!!

Well nothing new has really been happening since my last post. But I was bored so here goes!! Well Zach got an apprenticeship (finally!!) and will be leaving for Phoenix sometime soon. He has to go down for school for like two months or something!! So Brigette and I will just be hanging out here in Williams. We are going to be heading to O'Haco Cabin for Labor Day weekend with my family I'm so excited!!! When we get back we hopefullly get to find out what the baby is on September 5th!!! I am doing alot better (after 2 hospital trips!!) I am RH negative and a couple weekends ago Zach rushed me to the ER because we thought we were losing the baby. Luckily enough the baby is fine. I had to have another ultrasound, and a Rogam shot. When the babies blood mixes with mine my body starts to attack the baby because it thinks its not supposed to be there, and will eventually kill the baby. I had to have the shots with Brigette too. So hopefully that is all the fun we will have with this one!! So pretty much nothing new!!!



That would be the scariest feeling ever to have to go to the hospital thinking you were going to lose it! Glad everything is ok now and we can't wait til you guys find out what it is!

The Chastain's said...

Oh my goodness Kourtney that is so scary I am glad your okay. I know how scary it is I am also RH Negative & it's scary. One of the brands i think Ortho I am allergic too and I broke into a huge rash it was awlful. So what is your blood type? I have AB NEg. they say it's rare.

Congrats on your baby! I had no idea! How exciting! I bet you both just can't wait! Congrats dear!

Kay said...

I'm so glad to know that you understand the frustrations and scaryness of being RH Negative. I'm that as well. I recently miscarried, and I think it's because of that, so I had to get a rhogam after. Good luck, I hope everything is okay. I love reading your blog, it's a great way to stay connected!

Chris B. said...

we have that same problem here. I just get a shot after delivery and then during the next pregnancy. I have had a few problems that are not family known. But I am still alive.
Emaial me, if you need someone to bounds your worries off of about it