Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On Friday after Thanksgiving my dad got Doc and Lady out to get in the cows. Of course Brigette had to ride and followed my dad around everywhere. Since I am huge pregnant my dad being protective wouldn't let me ride (I think he was afraid the horses knees would buckle from my weight;) I think I was in the bathroom (go figure) when these were taken so Brad my big, bad, awesome brother e-mailed me these!

Brigette & Papa, doing what they love most!!

Riding Bareback (notice the 8 second pose, one arm in the air??!!)

This is the first time I have ever seen Zach on a horse!!! (don't mind the hair, he claims he is growing it out until Tera is born, I pretend like I don't care, YiKeS!!)
The whole time Brigette was riding she was yelling "Yeehaw, ride 'em horsey cow!" (I have no idea??) That night my dad asked her- "What do you say when you ride the horse?" (thinking she would say "Yeehaw, ride 'em horsey cow") nope...
Brigette: Thank you Papa!!
What a sweet and polite little girl!!


3watkins said...

Hey this is to Zach from Joe
"Hello Nacho, where are your stretchy pants?" Lol He looks like Nacho Libre right there, it is too funny.

Jessica said...

I love the pic of her and dad on the horse! You should frame that one!

Wahls said...

Bridgette and Kembri would get along soo well... they are both into more tom boyish things!! don't mind if their hands get dirty.. way too cute.