Monday, February 2, 2009

SpOiLeD RoTtEn!!!

I have to admit that I am spoiled!! By my parents and my wonderful husband!! For my birthday my parents bought me these awesome Justin boots. I love them, they are so comfortable and cute!! For a push present (a present from my hubby for pushin out that beautiful baby girl) he bought me this awesome Fossil watch. Its kinetic, so it winds itself with the movement of my wrist!! (the picture doesn't do it justice!!)

My mom bought Jessica and I these awesomely cute diaper bags!!! They are huge, have our little girls names embroidered on them, and are just adorable! In December for my birthday I got a Kirby Vacuum from my parents too!!! I can vacuum all day!!! I love it, it pushes so easy, picks up everything and came with all the awesome attachments!!

(I had to add in this picture of Brigette being pretty dang cute, she really is a tomboy princess!! She was calling her long lost buddy Mason on the phone!)

Those are only a few of the more recent spoilings I have received. My parents also bought an ocean container to help us out with our storage. Zach also comes home every night after workin hard all day and helps me out. Right now he is in Brigette's room with her playing games!! (He also made me dinner!!) I just can't thank the Lord enough for such a wonderful husband, and such awesome parents!!! Love you guys too much!!


The Arnell Family said...

I love those boots! They are so so cute!!

Couple of Hunt's said...
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Couple of Hunt's said...

I have those exact boots but instead of pink they are blue. I love them!!

Kay said...

I love the diaper bag, where did she get it?! So cute.

The Chastain's said...

Cute Diaper bag!!!!! Love the Boots so cute!