Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Pictures

A couple weekends ago we went to Show Low and stayed the night with Zach's family. Jackie and Macy were there and were awesome enough to take a ton of pictures of the girls for me. Here are just a few that Jackie just e-mailed me!!! Tera hanging onto my fingers

Playing with the leaves

This picture totally doesn't even look like Tera!!! Zach was tossing the girls in the air for pictures!!

I LOVE the look on Tera's face in this one!!! Scared or loving it?? Not sure!!!

Brigette being tossed in the air!!!

And this is Tera today. She is so proud of herself!!! Every time she stands up, Brigette makes me clap for her. So this is pretty much how she has spent her day today, crawling around then standing up and clapping for herself!! Pretty dang cute!!! Also she has cut another tooth!!! That makes three on bottom and two on top!!

So cute!!
Hopefully now I will get the pictures Macy took!!!


Jessica said...

The first two of Tera are my favorite! They look so pretty! The one of Tera that doesn't even look like Tera is pretty funny too!

Ashley Lois said...

i love these! gosh, i miss you guys so much!

The Fish Family said...

Your girls are precious! I am sure girls are fun we'll see if I get one someday. Thanks for your comment. We are so happy to be back up here and have family and good friends around. JC is a great place to raise kiddos!!

Alicia said...

These pictures are so fun. Your girls are so cute. So cute. I love seeing what they wear every Sunday. You dress them up so good! I need lessons.