Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr. Butler

Brigette is now taking appointments. All ages, no insurance needed!!!Aunt Gessa was kind enough to be Brigette's first patient.
Brigette looked in Aunt Gessa's throat.

She gave her a shot, in the neck, don't worry, it isn't painful!

She listened to her heartbeat. She also listened to her tummy, we were beginning to wonder if Jessica was expecting?!
(she isn't)

She also checked out her ears.
Aunt Gessa is doing great, no swine flu!!!
Contact me for appointments!!!


Ashley Lois said...

maybe you should go see dr. butler since you were telling me that you are kinda sickly... i think she might be able to solve all your problems!

Allen and Terri said...

that is such a cute post!! Just gotta love those Babies!!!

Jessica said...

That was hands down the best appointment I've ever had! I was a little shocked when I got the needle in the throat, but like you said- No pain! What an amzing Dr. I'll be referring her to all my friends!