Monday, December 7, 2009

Polar Express

The night before Thanksgiving we went and rode Polar Express. Beau and Jessica and their kids went and so did Brad and Tiff and their boys. Beau and Jessica ended up on a different train car than us, but that's OK, we had a blast!!! Zach especially was excited for the big train ride... The pictures aren't in order but this one is of Tera when Santa brought her the bell, she was so excited...

Here is briggie with her bell, she had a blast!!!

Tera passed out after her sugar high from the hot cocoa and cookies

As did Brigette...

We really had so much fun!!! This was Brigette's second time riding the Polar Express, I don't think she remembered from the time before because after we left the North Pole she quickly fell asleep!!!

Tera especially loved the ride, she laughed and clapped and bounced all the way to the North Pole!!!

It is so fun getting to do stuff that your kids love. I love to watch them when they get to do something exciting and new.

I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I love being with my little girls, especially at Christmas time. Brigette is really excited about being a good girl so she can be on the nice list. She loves our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and asks me everyday if it is time to go to Nana's for Jesus' birthday!

Merry Christmas!!! I love you guys!!!

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Ashley Lois said...

blast my money-less life! i wish i could have gone with you!