Monday, September 27, 2010


Today we canned peaches!!!! "We" meaning my mommy dearest and I!!!! Last week my mom ordered a box of peaches. We went to Walmart, picked up 2 boxes of jars, lids and rings. And this morning we canned!!!! We ended up canning 12 pints of jam and 7 quarts of pie filling!!! We did sample the goods, and oh yes, they are good!!!!
My dad and Tera even helped out some!!! My dad helped cut the peaches and Tera helped eat the peaches!!! I had to finally kick her out of the kitchen because she had eaten her fair share of them!!!! You would completely understand if you had been here for the 2 very ripe and runny diapers.... yuck!!!!
I have to say, I am soo very proud!!! I have now canned butter, beans and peaches!!! I am hoping to broaden my canning knowledge and soon try pumpkin... maybe not too soon!
I had so much fun spending the day with my mom, even though we were pretty sure our feet were never going to un-stick from the floor!!!!
I also took it upon myself to write on the lids while my mom was scrubbing the stove!!! I thought I was doing wonderfully until I was writing on the very last jar....

Whoops!!!! Maybe next time I should scrub the stove! ;)


Ashley Lois said...

what did you write on the last jar? i can't read it, the picture is too small and i'm blind.

Kourtney Dawn said...

Yeah, I took the pictures with my phone!!! On every single jar (except the last) for the date I wrote: 9/08, What the heck was I thinking??!!! Evidentally I don't know what year it is!!!!

kristal said...

Ha, I love that your comment thing is "people who actually care" Isn't that true? I don't have anyone anymore, hopefully the kids will care when they read the blog books in 20 years. haha. How do you change the comment thing?

Um, jealous of your canning. And love that you titled it ping. Makes me want to can even more. I might make Jase help me do a few today . We dont' ahve much left. your jams looks yummy. Is that why Jessica made homemade bread? You guys are so domesticated!

kristal said...

oh and I LOVE your blog right now...the paisley and colors. so cute!