Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dentist

Last week, I took Brigette to the dentist for her very first time!!! (I know, she is 4, and I am a slacker!!!) She was sooo awesome!!! She sat and watched cartoons while I got my teeth cleaned. Then she bravely took her seat and let Sister Palmer (who happens to be Bishop Palmer's wife, and one of Brigette's primary teachers) clean her teeth!!!!
I couldn't believe how great she was!!!! She sat there and was so good!!! She did everything Vicki asked her and only cried just for a minute at the very end!!!!
She had NO cavities and was so good that she got a new toothbrush with Disney Princesses on it, plus new toothpaste and 2 toys!!!!
I'm so proud of this little girl!!! She is such a great kid!!! I just am not sure anyone could have a better little girl!!!!

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