Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's some more

So here are the promised, much anticipated pictures of my arm. I know, your so excited you can hardly stand it!!! So my big pink cast...knuckles to almost my armpit!!! Yes, many thanks to Sam for pointing out my "muffin top" arm. In my best defense, it was really tight!!!
Now on to the good ones, my scars!!!
Notice where the two pins were at and the nice incision where they cut me open!!!

Good news is physical therapy seems to being going good. If you like laying on a table while someone tortures and shocks you, good! Anyways, I have 3 major goals:
1. Reach the handle bars on my beautiful, green Gary Fischer (bicycle)
2. Do a push up (OK, a girly one)
3. Put my hair in a ponytail!!!
Next Wednesday I go to Show Low to see my ortho doc. Hopefully I am lucky and they will tell me my x-rays look wonderful and I will not be in need of a titanium elbow. If I do have to get a new elbow, I think I'm going to hold out for one from a cadaver!!!


Jessica said...

You look super cute and super skinny in that first picture! I am so glad you got your cast off, I know how much you hated it. I also love your goals! So cute! I really really hope you don't have to get a fake elbow and do this all over again! That would totally stink!

Ashley Lois said...

i will try to remember to ask my anatomy teacher if a cadaver elbow or a titanium elbow would be better. you might have to text me and remind me though... i tend to forget things...