Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cookies and Princesses

Brigette always asks me if she can help me when I cook. I usually find something little for her to do since our kitchen is on the "puny" side. I kept telling myself I would let her help me when we have more room. Then I started thinking that the "more room" could be 10 years away or never. And by then, she wouldn't want to help me anymore :( So I decided we would make cookies!!! I have to say, she is going to be an awesome cookie baker!!!

Emmaree and Tera LOVE each other (most of time)! They are best friends and love to play together. Today there were no other "Big" cousins around, so they finally got to dress up like the "Little Princesses" they are!!! How stinkin cute are they??!!

(don't look at my big messes, like I said before, we are pretty low on space)

Tera asked me the other day to watch the "Monster Movie", she doesn't call any of the movies by their titles, but I usually know which movie she is talking about. This time it was Monsters Inc. I asked a few times if she was sure she wanted to watch it, she insisted!!! So I put it in for her, she somewhat watched it hiding behind the pillow for about 10 minutes. She then decided it was too scary and left the room until I turned it off!!! She cracks me up!!!!

Another quick update about Tera: We are completely DONE WITH DIAPERS!!!! Happy Day!!!!


Jessica said...

I love this post, and can I just's about time! JK So its no big surprise that Briggie is going to be awesome at cookie making cuz she is awesome at everything she does! Emmaree and Tera are the cutest ever and I am so jealous Emmaree isn't potty trained- even though she wants to be!

Ashley Lois said...

haha Tera is so funny hiding behind the pillow!