Friday, June 17, 2011


Yup, another post about Brigette. She is so busy this summer!!! T-ball, swim lessons, ballet, tumbling, library... am I forgetting anything? I took some pictures of her at her first game! She did so good. Although, we might need to work on her throwing!

She is #8 for the Sliders! Mason and Laci are also on her team. I told her if she did good I would take her for a treat afterwards! After her fist batting turn, and running around the bases, she came up to me in the stands and asked me "Mommy, did I do a good hit?" It was so cute!! And she did "do a good hit," she hit it all the way to the outfield!

In two games she has only gotten out once (I think?). She even "slid" into shortstop and skinned her knee. It is so funny and cute to watch. Mason took his turn "coaching" the other team from third base. After one at bat, Brigette ran all the way to third base, then must have decided it was enough and headed to the dugout!

Warming up!

Brigette and Laci

Brigette, Laci and Mason

When I was taking the pictures of Mason, Brigette and Laci the other kids came over. So I let them join in!!

Tera and Emmaree even have fun at the games, playing in the dirt and running around the bleachers!

Mason's turn to bat!

Mason on First.

Brigette on Second or Third??

They only have 2 more games. But it has been fun watching them. Hopefully with all these crazy activities she will decide what she likes best and stick to it!!

Go Sliders!!!


Ashley Lois said...

I wish I could go to her games! I can't believe she hit it all the way to the outfield! Go Briggie!

Jessica said...

Cute pics! These t-ball games crack me up!