Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alicia tagged me!!

4 Random things I love about Zach:
1.He really isn't a cowboy, but I love how he looks in boots and jeans!! Yummy!!!
2.I love the way he talks to the baby in my tummy like she were here already!!!
3.I love the color of his eyes, kinda blueish, grayish, greenish, never seen any other like them!!!
4.I love his crazy, absolutly, way too loud laugh, that makes everyone else laugh!!!

4 Jobs I've had
1. Volunteer Firefighter
2. Safeway Courtesy Clerk, Checker, & Dairy Manager.
3. Navajo County Elections Worker
4. Teachers Aid, MOMD Classroom

4 Movies I have seen more than once
1.One Fine Day
2.My Fair Lady
3.Count of Monte Cristo
4.Lord of the Rings

4 Tv Shows I watch
1. CSI Vegas
2. Two and a half men
3. Spongebob Square Pants, Brigette's favorite:(
4. Still Standing

4 Places I've Been
1. Paris, France (really want to go back...such neat things to see, this time no working, just a tourist!!)
2. Navoo, Ill. So beautiful and so much cool church history!
3. Hawaii (Brigette loved it)
4. Mexico (on a cruise with Zach's family, soo much fun!!)

4 places I've lived
1. Joseph City (love my hometown!)
2. North Phoenix
3. In a 5th wheel in Williams
4. In a tiny cabin in Williams!!! (love it!!!)

4 Favorite Foods
1. (Like Alicia) I absolutly LOVE cookies!!! Any kind!!! Could eat them for every meal!!!
2. Biscuits and Gravy ( I love Zachs dads, so spicy and delicious!!!)
3. Navajo Tacos (Homemade!!!)
4. Chimichungas (homemade!!! of course!!)

4 Places I'd Like to Visit
1. Alaska with Zach, he is dying to go back ever since his mission.
2. East Coast, visit more church sites, and see everything!!
3. Ireland... castles!!
4. Anywhere else in Europe!!!

4 People I tag
1. My mommy dearest
2. My big sis Jessica
3. Danielle (to get to know her better)
4. Traci (I know this is cheating but both the Traci's I love, Marcuses and Cole's!!!)

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Traci said...

You silly, now I am going to have to really think hard on some of these. I will work on this asap. Thanks for thinking of me. Love ya, Traci