Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Dad, My Hero

This weekend we went to Joseph City for my dad's retirement party from the Fire Dept. He has been on the department for 35 1/2 years and Fire Chief for 15 years. The department did a really good job. They presented him with an axe, a flag, and a lot of certificates and awards. I read a letter that I had written to him. Plus Jessica and Brad also said something along with other Firefighters and people he worked with. I cried pretty much the whole time. It makes me sad to think that he will no longer be on the Department. He has really done a great job. This is the letter I read last night:

My Dad, My Hero

All my life my dad has been a Firefighter. For the past fifteen years he has been Fire Chief for Joseph City. Throughout my life I have watched my dad and learned some of life's greatest lessons from him. When I was little and he went on a fire call, I remember praying that he would be safe. When I was 15 I joined the Fire Dept and was by his side when he went on those calls. I have seen my dad leave work, church, family events, and even farming to respond to someone in need. I have seen my father come home after working all night, ready for bed, to go right back out the door in response to his pager going off.
Through-out the past years I have stood by my dads side at many different occasions. I have watched him on a family vacation to California come to and elderly woman's need when she slipped and fell and cracked her head open. I have stood by his side and watched him try to save a man's life at Loves Truck Stop. I watched as he put out a fire at my aunts home with a garden hose. I've seen him calm down frightened people and soothe crying children. I have even watched him stand on the side of I-40 in the dark and cold and snow and take off his shirt and wrap it around an infant.
My love and admiration for him has grown throughout watching him do simple acts that he probably felt were required of him. Through him I have learned selflessness, service, honor, pride and commitment. He is always there when someone is in need. He is the one I call when I need advice or help, and he is the person others call when they need help. I have heard more than once someone say, 'Call Allen, he'll know what to do.'
I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be there when my father has shown what a great man he is. And grateful of the service he has provided our community. I am so proud that he is my father, my hero.
Kourtney D. Butler

I really love my dad and he has been such a great example to me.



What a nice letter. Your Dad sounds like a sweet man!

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3watkins said...

I love your dad he is so sweet, he too has been there for me. You are very luck to have a wonderful dad.

Vicky Palmer said...

Last night was great - and I loved your letter you read! Your dad is a great man - I;m so glad he is serving with Alan!

Jessica said...

Its so hard not to tear up when it comes to dad! He is so special and we are so blessed to be his girls!

Wahls said...

very nice tribute. I tried to send that site to your e-mail, but it said that you were already a member....of "shop it to me". If you have another email I can send it to, you might be able to sign up from there. But otherwise I guess you already knew about this cool site!!

The Arnell Family said...

that letter made me tear up! i know how you feel about your dad being your hero. mine is too! your dad is an awesome person. i hope he enjoys retirement! :)

The Arnell Family said...
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