Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zachary Ray & Brigette Grace

Here are just a few pictures I took of Zach and Brigette about two months ago. There is this huge field that you drive right through on the way to Williams. The whole thing was covered in wild flowers. In the Winter it is covered in ice and snow, and in the spring and summer it looks like a huge lake. It is really beautiful!!
My two favorite people!!! Aren't they so cute!!

Brigette didn't like walking because the flowers were so thick she couldn't get through very fast. Zach ended up carrying her.


Jessica said...

Brigette looks so pretty in all those flowers, I love them!

Nicole said...

SO CUTE!! You guys have a cute family!!


How cute. What a sweet little daddy with his girl. I love the name for baby #2. We can't wait for little Tera to get here! I hope you are feeling good.

The Arnell Family said...

you guys have a beautiful family! :) i'm glad to see all is well!!