Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Timer

Today was the second to last day of swimming lessons for Brigette, but her first time jumping off the diving board!!! She jumped off twice today (but only after Ridge jumped off) She did have a little help from me, and her second jump was much better than her first, but Jessica only got the first one on video. She definitely is my little fish, she loves to swim and does everything "Aunt Tiny" asks her to do! She keeps telling me she wants to keep going swimming, so I guess we will sign her up again!! She loves to look under the water, push off the wall and she can float on her back all by herself!! Heck, the rate shes going, she'll be swimming by the end of summer!

1 comment:

Blake and Jordan said...

Haha! How cute! at fist I didnt see Brigette in front of you on the board and I was like wait a second.... that girl is a little too big to be Brigette! But then my eyes adjusted:) She is very cute!