Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lazy AJ & LIV

Last weekend we branded cows. It used to be everyone in my dads family would come up. They would build a fire and rope the calves and cut their ears and have biscuits and gravey and it was almost like a real rodeo!! Now its just my family. But we still love it, even if they don't rope them anymore, they just push them through the squeeze. But I wouldn't miss it for anything!! So I think my moms computer ate some of my pictures, if I find them, I'll post them!! So first is a picture of Blaine, he is reading Briggie a book from the library that she checked out. Here is Brigette using my parents propane tank as a horsey-cow, like she couldn't ride the ones in the field behind her!!!

Since my dads tractors all burned to the ground, he now has the fun job of figuring out how to run the two new ones, here he is playing with one of them.

Of course Brigette had to have a ride...

And of course Papa gave it to her!!

She waved and threw kisses every time they went by.

I think he likes the new tractor!

Here is baby Emmaree at her very first calf branding, she was late, and slept the whole time...oh well!!!

Ashree just being Ashree!!! That's also my mommy dearest hiding behind the gate.

Look at those cowboys, I just love them!!

Hopefully I will be able to find out where the rest of my pictures went. I know they aren't very great, but me and Ash walked to the branding corrals and I didn't remember my camera, so these are off my phone. If you are wondering about the title, those are my dads brands, a "lazy" AJ and the LIV that was my grandpas. It wasn't Brigette's first branding experience, but she was very upset at us for hurting the baby cows. She covered her eyes and cried almost the whole time. She didn't like it that the calves were crying. But afterwards she did go in the corral and try to pet them. And I have to give it to Matthew, he actually tried to ride one!!! Now that is a cowboy in training!!!!


Jessica said...

Thats so great! I can't believe I missed the WHOLE THING! Its because I couldn't figure out the green beast! UGH!

Danielle said...

That does look like fun! And Brigette sounds like she's gonna be a future rodeo star. :)