Friday, June 5, 2009

Lovin Summer

On Monday we went to Rachelle's. She had borrowed this awesome "water park" from Earl & Kellen. The kids absolutely loved it and have been begging me to ask Rachelle if we can come back over and play again!! Hayden and Mason went with us but poor Tanner was not feeling to great and missed out. He was pretty upset when he saw what he missed out on. I thought it was awesome!! In fact I wanted to play too!!! It has three slides and a little pool!! What a blast!!! Thanks Rachelle!!! Brigette going down the big slide!
Hayden going down the big slide head first!! Him and Rowdy were crazy!!!

Mason watering Rachelle's umm...grass???!!!

Brigette, Rowdy and Hayden

And Brigette again going in the tunnel!!!


Alicia said...

That is some SERIOUS fun!! What a blast. I love summer.

Jessica said...

I love the one of Mason "watering" Rachelle's grass! So Funny!