Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthdays, Hugs and Messes

As you know my little Tera turned 1!!! Yay!!! She thinks she is soo big!!! Little does she know, she is actually pretty little!!! Here is she attacking Emmaree... poor Emmaree!!!
Here she is showing off her piggy tails with Brigette being crazy in the back!!!
Since Tera LOVES to climb, we have to watch her a little more closely now. Brigette decided she was done with her mac n cheese so Tera climbed on up and finished off Brigette's plate!!!

Tera Loves stories too. We got her a little book for her birthday with the lift the flaps. She loves these!!! Evidentally she only loves Brigette's because she tore the flaps out of hers!!!

Here is Tera's birthday cake. It was chocolate, with chocolate frosting. Zach decorated it (its a princess crown, same cake pan I used when Brigette turned one!)

This is Tera and her baby doll she got for her birthday from Nana and Pops.

And here she is opening her present from the Tubbs, a toy phone!!!
I do have some pictures of her eating her cake and she got awesome presents from Aunt Amy and Uncle Blaine and Logan, also some super cute clothes made by Aunt Traci (Mills), (check her out on my side bar, Marcus and Traci, she is super talented!!!) Anyways, thanks so much, Tera LOVES all her presents!!!

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Jessica said...

Zach did such a good job on Tera's cake! It turned out sooo cute! Can you believe she is 1! Holy Cow,I think she thinks she is 2!