Friday, January 23, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

The past couple of days Brigette has been asking me to polish her toenails. I guess today she got tired of waiting on me and decided to do it herself. My mom found her like this...

Doesn't she just look like such a pro!!
She even was nice enough to help Mason get started on his (sorry Beau, don't hate me!!)

Mason is now also a pro and can paint Jessica's when it gets too hard for her to do it herself!!

Brigette's finished product!! Aren't they beautiful??!! For appointments just call me, I will relay her the message!


Joeflake girls said...

ooh sign me up!
she did fabulously on her own toenails (and toes) so she should do just as well on mine!

Alicia said...

Those toes are priceless.

I just want to kiss them! I'm so glad you got pictures of that.

~Shina~ said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Be sure to save that picture. She might grow up wanting to go to a nail tech school, they'll need this picture as proof that she knows what shes doing. HAHA. Tera is a cutie too!!! Congrats!