Monday, January 12, 2009

FHE with Grandma Bushman

Last night we went to my Uncle Ralph's house for a monthly get together of Family Home Evening. It is always so much fun, all of my dads family that is close comes. We have a little lesson and then eat goodies and sit around and chat. My Grandma was in charge last night, and she brought some of my Grandpa's scouting stuff. It is always so neat to hear stories about him and see all the wonderful things he did. As soon as my Grandma pulled out her box the whole room shifted and everyone was intrigued by all the scouting stuff. Even the little kids couldn't get enough!!
This is a picture of my Grandma holding up my Grandpa's scouting badges. He was Scout Master for 40 years, and had something like 80 boys become Eagle Scouts under him!!

My Grandma had a book full of letters and awards and pictures of him. Some were from the White House, President Hinckly, and all kinds of awesome things that make me so proud that he is my Grandpa!!

And last but not least, my dad being goofy!! I'm sure he got that from his dad!!! He was "hiding" Brigette's cup from her. She thought it was pretty funny that papa had her cup on his head!!!


Jessica said...

Sounds like we missed a good one! I'm glad the boys got to go though!

Wahls said...

what a fun fhe! i'm noticing that your due date is coming up fast and want to wish you good luck!! hope all goes well with the delivery.