Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Grandma Bushman

On Saturday we went and visited Great Grandma Bushman. The top picture is a picture of Grandma holding Brigette.
My Grandma absolutely loves babies! The first thing Brigette told her was "This is my baby sister Tera." Brigette was crazy the entire time we were there. I'm pretty sure my Grandma was wondering what the heck we were teaching this little girl. She kept putting up her "rock n roll" fingers and yelling and dancing all over the place!!

Brigette was very happy to let Great Grandma hold her baby Tera, and even tried to help her when Tera was fussy.

We were happy we went and my grandma got to hold her because a couple days later my grandma fell down and broke her right arm!!

So that called for another trip to grandmas, but that's ok since we love going to visit her!!


Joeflake girls said...

why doesn't anyone tell me ANYTHING!? i didn't know that grandma broke her arm! gosh. i feel important.

Kourtney Dawn said...

ash i love you, i'm sorry you didn't know about grandma (blaine didn't either!!)