Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some new ones

Just a few new pics of the past few days. Here is Zach and my little Tera just chillin on the couch (probably watching Nitro Circus!!)Here is my little Tanner man, isn't he so darn cute??!! We were playing Mario Brothers on NoFriendo DS, (after going out and checkin out the tractor show)!
Here is my mommy dearest with her 2 grand girls and the bbq and auction!! I'm pretty sure Tera wasn't diggin having Briggie hold her!!

Briggie and Tera, my little "punkin princesses"!!

And Tera just chillin on her boppy with her blanket from Great Grandma Bushman.

I asked Brigette today if Tera was pretty, she said yes. I asked Brigette if she was pretty, she said:
"No, I not pretty mommy, I punkin princess!!"
So we have also been having a few issues at our house lately. I was exercising the other day, Tera was hanging out in the swing, Brigette sat on her...
A few hours before that Tera had started screaming bloody murder, I asked Brigette what happened, she replied:
"Mommy, I bited her on the finger!!"
UGH!!!! What am I going to do with this girl??!!


Traci and Marcus said...

Ha Brigette is a funny girl. Cute pics :)

Wahls said...

At least Brigette is honest about what she's done! hah! Kembri is the same way. I really don't know how to handle it. Just hope they grow out of it I guess! :)

Danielle said...

At least she was honest. :) Though it's hard for me to get mad at my kids when they tell me what they did wrong, because I don't want them to start lying to me. Good luck with that.

Traci and Marcus said...

About camping... Marcus won't get home til 5:30 that day so setting up camp would be kinda difficult. Then Saturday my sister-in-law has a baby shower. Then my sister is supposed to be blessing her baby that sunday (if he gets off his oxygen) We will see if that all happens tho. Hopefully we can at least come out for a day.