Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"up her nose"

I decided to name my post after one of the pictures on it. I'm sure you can figure out which one it is after!!! Anyways here is my little Tera, she is getting kinda chunky, weighing in at 10 pounds 4 ounces on Monday!! Here is my little Tera again, we stamped til she crashed, then I stamped some more!!!
Here is a picture Aunt Gessa (aka Aunt Jessica) sent me, isn't she so cute!!

My little Briggie!! What can I say, look at how sweet she looks in those Ray Bans!!! What a stylin little girl!!!

This is Uncle Blaine showing Logan his new cousin, I think he really liked her. Isn't Logan just the cutest little boy!! He turns 1 on Saturday, Happy Birthday cutie!!!

Tera thinks she is pretty strong. She has been holding up her head since she was born. She has also rolled over 8 times, she is only 7 weeks old!!

And my crazy, beautiful Brigette!!! She looked so gorgeous on Sunday in her new dress from Grammy. And I must say, the magnets "up her nose" only shows you how much fun she is!!!
*Good thing they didn't get stuck!!
**Special thanks to a certain little sister for taking pictures of my little girl during sacrament meeting, you know who you are!!!!


Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...
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Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Your little girls are so cute and are getting so big. Brigette is so funny...At least you got a picture of it so that you can show her how silly she is. Too cute.

The Evans said...

I got my car seat cover off of ebay. Just type in infant car seat cover and the should come up. Oh, and Dont you love how those APS shirts some how make it into all of your pictures? ( Zach holding Tera) I couldnt tell you how many pictures of Brandon and family pictures with APS logo in there somewhere. lol.

Jessica said...

Those pics are soooo cute! I love em!