Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Tera

My littlest princess is sick, she has RSV. So while I was busy taking care of Tera, Brigette did this one... She found the lotion. (I still think she is pretty dang cute!!)
Anyways on Sunday Zach blessed Tera. It was wonderful. He did such a great job. We did it in Joseph City, it was easier having everyone go there than come all the way to Williams where we have absolutely no room for anyone!!! I'm so grateful that Zach is worthy and has the authority to bless my babies. He is such a great guy, I love him and am so grateful to have him in my life.

Jackie, Marcus, Levi and Macy drove up that morning from the Valley. They had to leave right after because Marcus' little boy Jack is sick, poor guy. But we did manage to get a couple pics before they had to run.

What a crazy group of Butlers!!! I just love these guys they crack me up and we have a blast every time we are around them.

Brigette was pretty cranky the whole time, and Tera slept pretty much all day since she was getting sick. My brothers and sisters also came too, and so did Zach's Uncle Cole and Aunt Traci and their kids. Brad and Tiff had to leave right after too, Brad had a plane to catch in Albuquerque. Overall, it was a pretty fun weekend. We laughed, played a little basketball, and got no sleep!!! But it was worth it. (I can't wait til I get to live in JC again!!)

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Jessica said...

I totally can't wait for you to live in JC again too! I hope Tera gets better of the worst things ever is having sick kids!