Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Shower Projects

Yesterday I finally started on Jessica's baby shower stuff. It is going to be an extreme pink party. Which means everything PINK!!!!! I love it!!! Kristal Mulder has been great helping me out with ideas and stuff. Anyways the invite is right in the middle, 55 all together (thanks Jen for the help) The little purses and pillows and matchboxes are prizes, they just don't have anything in them yet!!! So prizes go to the guest who comes with the most pink on!!! (if you want an invite, tell Jessica, she has the list!!!)These are some more projects I have been working on. We had a Stampin Up festival last Saturday, it was lots of fun!! These are a couple of the items you could've made (some we will be making at club next Friday, LMK if you want to come!!!)

Here is my little Briggie Monster being silly (and super cute), she is reading her Cars book, she likes to find Doc Hudson!!

And finally my little Tera, who is laying on the floor right now trying to roll over!! I actually had to pause me Turbo Jam workout to get this picture of her smiling, she is a pretty great little girl too!!!
Aren't these little girls the cutest!!!


Jessica said...

The girls pics are way cute! What was Tera smiling at?! (Was she laughing at you doing turbo jam maybe!!?? JK!)

And thank you so much for all you're doing for me for a baby shower! You come up with the cutest stuff! I can't wait!

Allen and Terri said...

I think theyr'e the cutest 2 little girls! Just wait till Jessica adds hers, then we'll have three pretty girls! Just like I have already!

kristal said...

Oh my heck, Tera is soo bushman! She's adorable!!! And I am SOO excited for Jessica's shower! The invites are adorable. I feel like I should dress up...they are fancier than my wedding invites! haha! LMK what else I can do!

kimmy t said...

Your girls are very cute, I love that Brigette's book is almost as big as she is!

Alicia said...

Those girls are too dang cute. I'm hoping to score an invite to Jessica's shower. I'll let her know. I'm so excited to see her little GIRL!!