Monday, November 24, 2008


Today Brigette & I went to Flagstaff. We met Sara and Stratton at Target, than we went to Flagstaff Mall and Ash & Vicki met us there. It was soo much fun!!! Here is Ashley dressing up at American Eagle... This is Stratton being crazy going down the slide head first, total boy!!! (He was soo good, he had to go to the dentist, and never said anything about his mouth hurting!!!)
And here is Briggie, trying to keep up with Stratton!! She was soo excited to see her friend, she kept calling him "boy" it was pretty funny. Stratton was like, "she keeps calling me "Boy" thats not my name!!!"

We had such a blast. I love spending time with Sara and Ash. And it is even better now because our kids (mine and Sara's) are such good friends!!! I can't wait to see her again!!!


Joeflake girls said...

man that hat was so cool! i'm buying it next paycheck... which is about two weeks. ugh i dunno if i can wait that long...

3watkins said...

THat is so sweet, I never even saw this post. I am so excited that you get to be with me for this special time in my life. I love you much, thanks for always being my best friend:)