Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday Snow

Sunday was soo nice!! We went to church, came home and were just hanging out, lounging around, watching football, and eating steak and potato's when Brigette starts yelling "it's raining!!" So I check outside, its not raining, its SNOWING!!! She takes off running for her room yelling "I go play in it!!" She brought me her coat, socks and boots. What a smart gal. Too bad there wasn't anything out there yet!!! And by the time there was almost enough to play in, it was dark! Poor Zach had to drive back to Phoenix in some pretty cruddy weather, only til about Munds Park though!! I am so excited, I love snow!!!


Jessica said...

Williams is so pretty! You are lucky to live there! Maybe one day we can move there too! How fun would that be!

Jessica said...

Never mind. Hayden is totally against that idea!


I am so jealous that EVERYONE but me is getting snow :( It looks so pretty! Have fun in the snow for me too k